Flix gives best movie going experience with one flaw

November 5, 2019


Flix Brewhouse may provide the best movie going experience in El Paso but it has one glaring flaw.


Flix Brewhouse recently opened on the Westside of El Paso at the West Towne Village.  



Tejano Tribune file photo 

Flix Brewhouse brews their own beer inside the

movie theater giving it a touch of uniqueness.  




The Theatre is similar to Alamo Drafthouse, with identical policies on phone use and the dining experience.


The difference is that Flix Brewhouse actually brews their own beer and seems to be the better choice for those in search of an alcoholic beverage.


The Theatre has a no cell phone policy which is important to regular moviegoers like myself.


 Not having to deal with rude patrons on their phone is my favorite part of theaters like this.


Others should follow suit if they want to compete.


The seating is also fantastic.


The recliners are very comfortable, making you feel like you’re being hugged.


There were many convenient features such as an adjustable dining table and a button system for alerting servers.


Flix Brewhouse offers an extensive and delicious menu as part of the dine-in theatre experience.


The Bacon Brewhouse Burger and pizzas are particular standouts.  


The OG fries are also great, but a larger portion would have made the price point more worth it.


This brings me with my biggest issue with Flix Brewhouse- the popcorn.  


Flix Brewhouse has my favorite popcorn of any movie theatre in the city.


The warm buttered popcorn is fantastic, addictive and a must have. But it’s not unlimited and the portion is nothing to gawk at. 


The “giant bag” that’s advertised isn’t an impressive amount and costs you $6.25.  


This doesn’t sound like it’d be a huge issue but when you’re competing with Alamo Drafthouse, it just isn’t acceptable. 
Alamo Drafthouse gives huge portions of tasty popcorn with unlimited refills.


If Flix Brewhouse offered unlimited popcorn, it would easily be the best theatre in El Paso. But it doesn’t and that makes the choice between Flix and Alamo Drafthouse even harder.

Don’t get me wrong, Flix Brewhouse is a great theatre. It has great food and decent pricing for a dine-in theatre. I highly recommend you go and try it out. 


Flix is great for a date or a night out with friends. The theater also offers cool events like a Harry Potter marathon that’s happening through parts of November.


They also show limited releases such as the critically acclaimed movie “Parasite,” making it a great theatre for “Indie film” lovers.


Flix is a great theatre and I’m sure your experience won’t disappoint.

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