Vogue's editor-in-chief visits fashion students

October 29, 2019



Some EPCC’s Fashion Technology students got the chance to meet and learn from one of the leaders in the industry, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Mexico.


Karla Martinez de Salas met with students for a private Q&A at the Transmountain campuses new Fashion Technology lab on Oct. 25.



Claudia Silva/  Tejano Tribune

Karla Martinez de Salas editor-and-cheif of Vogue Mexico doing a

dynamic Q&A with the Fashion Techonology Students at TM.



“A lot of the brands started entering into Mexico in the past five year. Little by little they come and do business here,” Martinez explained while answering a student’s question.


Students filled the lab sitting along rows of sewing machines and work tables, eagerly listening to the fashionistas advice.


Something Martinez pointed out a few times that afternoon was the importance of social media in the fashion industry. While she began her career by cold-calling companies, many now have the opportunity to start much earlier through sites like Instagram and Facebook.


“Just last year I discovered the direct message links,” Martinez explained.  


“This guy sent me a Message asking me if I want to do a Skype class and to be honest I love El Paso, I love being home, but I also really love going to universities and schools and meeting people. It’s really one of the most important parts of my job because you guys are the new generation.”


Martinez was born in Florida but grew up El Paso after her father got a job in the city.


She graduated from Loretto Academy in 1995, then went to the University of Arizona in Tucson.


Martinez explaind that she started her career in fashion 26 years ago when she began cold-calling fashion companies in search of a summer internship. 


Her plan went into fruition and as a sophomore in college she found herself interning for “W,” a woman’s fashion magazine in New York.


“It was amazing, I learned a bunch of different things about fashion and how big the fashion industry is,” Martinez explained.


She continued her work in the industry even interning in Paris and working in New York for 16 year. While there Martinez got to work for companies like Mademoiselle and Elle.


“I always think of the importance of connections and people that you meet,” said Martinez. She explained through these connections she was able to get recommendations for companies like American Vogue and the New York Times, while also starting getting married and starting a family.

Martinez gave birth to her twin daughters just two weeks interviewing for a mysterious high level position. “They interviewed me for this job that I had no idea what it was exactly.


Then in January they called me and they said ‘It’s to be the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Mexico.’ Which was kind of a dream come true,” she said.


After Martinez spoke about a bit about her life students go the opportunity to ask questions. 


Martin Jacob Lopez, a student that owns his own fashion company called “Dead Boy Society,” asked about her favorite designers and trends.


Some students asked some harder hitting questions such as the fashion industries involvement in the environment.


Martinez is a big supporter of making fashion more environmentally friendly.


Admitting that the seasonal cycles can be wasteful and efforts should be made to use extra fabric that is normally thrown away. She also supports using recycled material for the company’s magazines.

In the end EPCC’s Fashion Technology students got the chance to learn first-hand from a strong Hispanic role model that will be sure to inspire the future of style.


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