Visual Arts Exhibit shows it's never too late to learn

October 29, 2019


EPCC continuing education students show that it is never too late to master new skills at the college's Visual Arts Exhibit. 


Students proudly displayed weeks of hard work and dedication at the school's 4th annual Continuing Education Visual Arts Exhibition and reception. 



Photo by: Bryan Ponce / Tejano Tribune

The El Paso Community College art instructor Rosa Maria Burgos,

standing next to Italy inspired painting, at Continuing Education Visual Arts Exhibition.



On Oct. 24, continuing education students at the college presented an array of visually stunning, personal and unique paintings. 


The artist’s families, friends and teachers shared a lively night of cheerful smiles and laughter, as they complimented the gorgeous paintings. The night’s festivities ended with a small reception.


According to continuing education student, Maria Elena Salazar, “I invite really…aanybody that likes art to join the classes her at the El Paso Community College. It’s not expensive…it’s affordable. I think anybody can come after work. I believe that they will learn something,” added Salazar. “We decide what we want to paint.” 


The student’s work ranged from gorgeous landscapes, vivid portraits and colorful flowers to gentle wildlife creatures. 


It was a special night that showed the importance of art and how it gives people the power to express themselves. There was something for everyone to enjoy. 


The artwork on display had something important to say about each of the students that created it. 



BRYAN PONCE/ Tejano Tribune

EPCC continuing education student, Alma Herrera shows her acrylic painting, 'Study of Songbirds' at the Visual Arts Exhibit Oct. 24 at the ASC.



They found inspiration in life experiences, memories and travels. Some students brought the beautiful landscapes of El Paso to life. Others chose to proudly honor their Mexican heritage. 


Then there were those that focused on the little things such as sunsets and tiny flowers. 


The attention to detail and care that these students put into their paintings was that of a professional artist. Despite, them not being experts.


There are young, old and even students with disabilities in these art classes. 


They are open to anyone wanting to learn a new skill and have fun in the process. 


Continuing education student, Mariel Sosa happily added.


“It is an awesome satisfaction to work on something and… the results that come from it. There are days when it is difficult if you are not feeling inspired…and then there are days in which you are inspired then art becomes easy.”


The EPCC instructors responsible for guiding this group of student’s art work to completion are Rosa Maria Burgos and Raafat Maximos. 


These incredibly talented individuals humbly pass on their talents and help other discover the magic of art. 
“I feel like the students. 


They don’t expect the results that they achieve but with the patience, with them learning the process ; they’ve done something unexpected from themselves and that’s what makes them really satisfied and happy with their results.” explained Maximos.


“It gives me a great satisfaction being able to participate and demonstrate my art, which is my passion and a blessing,” said Burgos.


“God has given me my talent and he has given me the ability to develop it. Not only for my benefit but also to teach the students at this college.” added Burgos.


These students and their mentors provided a warm, inviting and encouraging atmosphere. 
They highly encourage anybody interested in art to sign up for a class and participate.  

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