No right to privacy for sex offenders

October 29, 2019


Last Halloween a sheriff’s office in Georgia wanted to keep kids in their community safe by requiring all sex offenders in the county to post up a warning sign. 


Unfortunately, they are being sued. A lawsuit has been filed against the Butts County Sheriff’s Office by three convicted sex offenders- Christopher Reed, Reginald Holden and Corey McClendon.


The group argues that forcing them to post these signs outside their home is a violation of their rights to privacy and the Compelled Speech doctrine.

This led me to ask myself if these men deserve the rights they are asking for.


 While I believe convicted criminals should still have rights, there are exceptions for those that have committed the most heinous of crimes. 

Things like murder, rape and child abuse are all unforgiveable acts, and the people who commit them should not be treated the same as you or I.

The sign in question simply states “Warning! No Trick-or-Treat at this address! A community safety message from Butts county Sheriff Gary Long.”


On a Facebook post from the office’s home page, Long explains that he chose to implement the signs after an increase in door-to-door trick-or-treaters when the towns annual Halloween festival was canceled. 


He argues that having sex offenders post these signs is legal under a state law that prohibits them from participating in Halloween.


“I will do everything within the letter of the law to protect the children of this community,” said Long on the post.
Mark Yurachek, the men’s attorney argues that they can not be required to post these signs under it.


“The law allows the sheriff to put a list of registered sex offenders at his office, at the courthouse [and] on the internet. It does not allow him to go door-to-door telling people you have a sex offender living next door to you,” explained Yurachek in an interview with Fox 5 Atlanta.


In the end the choice will be left up to a judge. The attorney explained that the case is a matter if civil rights and the constitution, not necessarily morality.


Reed was convicted with aggravated sexual battery and sexual assault of a minor under 13 in Illinois.
Holden was convicted of statutory rape of a minor 12 to 15 year of age in Florida.


Finally, McClendon was convicted with Statutory rape of a minor under 16 in Georgia.


The men that are “fighting for their rights,” committed some of the most horrendous crimes imaginable. I’m sure they weren’t thinking of their victim’s rights, why should anyone now care for theirs? 


These men are monsters and children need to be protected from people like them.


Regardless of what the constitution says, offenders of these serious crimes should not have the same rights as

the rest of us. 


Their right to privacy should have been thrown out the window the moment they decided to assault someone and become the scum of the earth.


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