LETTER TO THE EDITOR At 25 years of age you're no longer a kid

In reference to Oct. 23 column, "Yes, I'm 25 years old, let me be a kid"



I disagree with your article, “Yes, I’m 25-years-old, let me be a kid.” 

At 25 years old, you are no longer a kid and, by that age you should be a responsible adult, while either furthering your education, graduating college, working a full time job, or married, with or without children. 


Your childhood ended at 18 years of age.  Trick or treating is for kids, not teenagers, and certainly, not adults.


 Adults and teens usually have Halloween parties, where candy and treats are available.  Adult Halloween parties are a blast.


Everybody dresses up, eats candy, listens to music, and, all around, and just has fun.  


It’s creepy to see adults trick or treating. There’s no harm in being a “kid at heart”, but that doesn’t mean you resort to acting like a 10 year old.


When people see adults trick or treating, most home owners wonder, are they legit or up to no good?  


Laws and rules are put into place due to a circumstance or incident that took place. The adults you mention are not trying to ruin the fun of the holiday, but, again, it’s for kids, not adults of your age!!!


Yes, crime rates do increase during holidays, there are many wicked people who abuse black colored animals during Halloween.


 I commend shelters that do not allow adoptions of black colored animals during the Halloween season.  
Nobody is telling you what to do, but as an adult, you need to think and act like one.


There is a time and a place for everything. As a young adult, you should know the difference. 

That’s a problem I see with millennials, they don’t know how to be an adult or learn certain responsibilities, as they have been coddled all their lives and are not given the chance to spread their wings.


They are still attached to their parents and providers at the umbilical cord.



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