Yes I'm 25-years-old, let me be a kid

October 22, 2019


People have tried to tell others what they can and can’t do since the beginning of time, but in recent year’s disgruntled parents have joined in to tell teens and childless millennials to grow up.


A contentious topic that comes up around this time of the year is trick-or-treating. 


Some people have started to express that teens and young adults are too old to partake in these festivities.


Last year a city in Virginia took the decision into their own hands by banning anyone over 12-years-old from trick-or-treating.


This became part of the City of Chesapeake’s ordinance code in the 1970’s, making it a crime punishable with $100 fine or up to six months in jail. 


Luckily the law was looked at after gaining attention last year, and has now been adjusted to be more lenient, though teens can still face charges if caught.

This city in Virginia isn’t the only one making laws to prevent people from partaking in the candy seeking festivities. 


New Brunswick, a city in Canada, has also passed a law prohibiting anyone over the age of 16 from trick-or-treating.


They have also implemented a curfew at 8 P.M. 


The law would fine anyone that is outside after curfew while wearing a costume and older teens up to $200.


It seems many people supporting these laws are trying to keep the peace during Halloween.


The holiday has gained a reputation as a day for trouble making, vandalism and tricks.

Scenes of houses covered in eggs, toilet paper and graffiti have made their way into many Halloween movies and holiday specials making it seem like a staple of the holiday.

Travelers Insurance stated in a 2016 study, that crime-related insurance claims go up about 24% during Halloween. 


While this may seem like a lot, it fails to take into account that crime rates rise during most holidays, especially those where people tend to consume a lot of alcohol.

Some of the issues brought up may be a bit concerning to homeowners but it really sounds like the real problem is bitter adults that don’t mind ruining other people’s fun, as long as things become easier for them.


It reminds me an awful lot of a Twitter post that went viral over the summer.


A user known as @JenKatWrites, shared a screenshot on the social media site of an anonymous mother’s vulgar post stating “it pisses me off to no end when I see childless couples at Disney World.”


The angry mom went on to claim that these “immature millennials” are wasting their money on the park and that they will never understand “the joy and happiness” it brings mothers to bring their kids.


She even wants Disney to ban people without children and that mothers should be allowed to skip the line.


The post drew ridicule from around the world, prompting some to ask is Disney just for kids? To which many responded with a big metaphorical middle finger and stories of the fun childless times they had at Disneyworld.

Disney has always been a place meant for people of all ages, but the fact that people are trying to tell teens and young adults what they should and shouldn’t enjoy is downright deplorable.

Many millennials grew up with Disney, we watched it as kids and it brings joy to be able to relive some of those memories.

It is good innocent fun and that’s also why teens and young adults should be able to trick-or-treat.


One of the benefits of letting these young people partake in the fun is to keep them out of trouble.


Trick-or-treating is relatively safe and if these kids are out asking for candy, they aren’t getting involved in something more dangerous like drinking and driving.

Another group of people that enjoy the holiday and are affected by this are adults with certain disabilities.

In a USA Today article a man explained that his 36-year-old wife has Asperger’s and enjoys more childlike activities.


“She likes to dress up to hand out candy but she also likes to go around to close friends and neighbors to Trick or Treat.”


The reality is things that, the things we enjoy should not be gated by age.


Whether you’re 9-years-old or 99, you should be able to take park in any fun activity you want. It’s ok to let your inner child out every now and then. 


So go ahead and watch some Saturday morning cartoons in your underwear, wear those Mickey ears and dress up to demand some candy from your neighbors. 

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