Serving up a diverse menu at Sun City Slice

October 8, 2019


At the end of October, Sun City Slice will be celebrating two years of business by opening a third location.  


The local pizzeria will now operate in the Lower Valley, Far East and West El Paso.“We’re big on what people ask for,” said Co-owner Julio Villalobos explaining the work ethic in his pizzerias.




Evan Hughes / Tejano Tribune

The local pizzeria, Sun City Slice, will now operate in the Lower Valley, Far East and West El Paso.




“We’re not like other delivery places. Yes, we deliver, but I guess it’s in the name. It’s more normal to sit down inside with a big 10-inch slice,” said Villalobos.


The three stores are a labor of love for Villalobos and his brother who opened the original Sun City Slice on George Dieter in 2017. What stands out is how personalized the business is.


Every detail from the words “Pizza Never Disappoints,” printed on the boxes, to the handwritten welcome message on a chalkboard telling guests “this isn’t a Dominos.”


The prices are competitive to most nationwide franchises, but because of their smaller operation the menu has more diversity than what people has seen before.  


The Lower Valley location is decorated with staples of Halloween like spider webs and Jack-o-lanterns.  The atmosphere inside doesn’t feel like a fast food restaurant and that makes the experience more enjoyable


A review of a pizzeria wouldn’t be complete without talking about the pizza. Just to be clear though, there is more than just that to order.  So, how is the pizza?


Answer is 4 out of 5. The sauce uses noticeably high-quality ingredients. It was the perfect consistency and the taste jumped out at the first bite.


The toppings were evenly arranged. As it came out of the oven on a conveyor belt, the pie made an exceptional first impression.  


The texture of the dough is what ended up deducting the point. Pizza dough rises like any yeast-based bread.


When yeast and sugar in the dough ferment they release carbon dioxide. 


These little bubbles to form and are visible in the crust.


When gripped by the crust, the pizza hangs with gravity requiring you to fold the slice. 


There are many possible reasons for this but the most likely is under-developed gluten in the dough mixing process.  


If gluten isn’t formed properly the gas in the bubbles will escape before the bread can rise.


It is also fun noting that there is a crust made of cauliflower available that is intentionally gluten-free.  


After casting that pizza stone, there is little to dislike about Sun City Slice. Inside you’ll find a festive environment, good food and it’s a local business hiring El Pasoans.


The company is full of potential. If it could expand without losing the unique personality it has cultivated, it will be a huge success.


The third installment, at 6450 N. Desert Blvd., is in the recently developed West Towne Marketplace.


“Our employees are happy, our customers are happy, and the most important thing is we’re having fun making pizza,” said Villalobos.

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