Honoring Northwest with time capsule

October 8, 2019


The office of Instructional Programs at the Northwest Campus is honoring EPCC’s history by saving the moments of today, for tomorrow.  


Over the month of September, the Dean’s office collected small mementos and the library recorded messages.



Evan Hughes / Tejano Tribune

Time capsule is located at the North West campus to celebrate 25th anniversary of the building.




These items are to be included in a time capsule that will be preserved for the next 25 years. 


“We were thinking of ways to commemorate our new building and 25th anniversary,” Dr. Lydia Tena Dean of Instructional Programs said. 


“Twenty-five years from now they’re going to open this thing and they’re going to know what we were about.”


In 2019 EPCC is celebrating its 50 year anniversary while the Northwest campus is celebrating twenty-fifth of their building.  


“Our goal is in 25 years, the current students and staff will get to reflect on our messages and then seal up their own for another 25,” said Tena.


The project is made possible by Aztec Contractors.


The company that is winding down construction on Northwest’s newest building. Ironically this building will contain a state-of-the-art biology labs and auditorium, but will also have the most primitive time machine somewhere in its grounds.


Standing at about three-feet-tall the blank ivory shell needed to be decorated. 


Faculty and staff began signing it one department at a time. Students caught on and began signing themselves.


At this point the time capsule looks like a giant orthopedic cast.


Symbolically  the time capsule is fitting. Students at Northwest have been inconvenienced by the construction of the new facilities. 


The company suggested the project as a way to pay back students for their patience.  


Adding his name to the side of the time capsule, second year student Damien Carranco said, “It’s just cool to be a part of this.” 


“Most students at this campus are under 25 so we’ll all be double our age when they open this up,” Carranco added.


“A faculty member gave me a small statuette of a student with a book,” Tena explained.


“I also will be including my ‘Letter to the Future’ which will be directed to the generation who open the capsule.”


According to Tena some of the contents of the capsule include a photo of the original Northwest campus staff from 1994, a current photo of the student body and staff, videos of the grounds and recording devices with messages from staff (with operating instructions included).  


Other items that were added were small but full of sentimental value. Items like office supplies and school memorabilia.


“It’s too long to say if I’ll be there,” explained Tena about the opening of the capsule. “If God permits, and blesses me with a long life, I know I will.”


As students signed the outside of this big plastic receptacle, it was difficult for them not to think about where they will be in the future, and what life will be like a quarter century from now.


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