Club seeks to make banking & economics 'sexy'

October 8, 2019

 EPCC’s economics club held their first meeting on Oct. 4 where they discussed their upcoming plans.


 “The purpose of this club is to create a symposium for economic discussion and thought related to local, state, national perspectives so that members can gain further insight into the field of economics and the application of principles and theories,” explains their description on the El Paso Community College website.



Cesar Salas / Tejano Tribune

The economics professor Cynthia Gamez lecturing the club's purpose at the Economics meeting.




While the club primarily focuses on economics, they look at all things money, such as banking, the stock market and more.


One of the main jobs of the economics club is to plan and coordinate events for students to attend. 


This includes the upcoming Personal Finance Event where a certified financial planner will speak directly with students.


“A certified financial planner is someone who has gone through a lot of training on how to plan for a person’s financial needs at different stages of their life,” explained economics professor Cynthia Gamez.


At the Personal Finance event students can get information on planning and saving for the future.


They will be able to learn about things like the impact of a credit score, saving money and retirement plans.


“The time to start is like, right now. Not when a crisis happens,” added Gamez.


The following week, on Oct. 25, the club will be hosting another speaker, economics professor Dirk Mateer. 


He is well known among economics educators for his ability to make the subject fun and exciting for students. Mateer teaches at the University of Arizona and is traveling to EPCC to help the club “make economics sexy.”


“When everything goes right, the classroom is magical place where faculty and students come together to gain a common understanding of the way things work,” explained Mateer in his online bio.


Other events the club is looking into include a tour of the Federal Reserve and presentations on the stock market.


Ultimately the club will be gearing up for one big event in the spring, the Reality Fair. 


The fair is a part of Money Smart week which happens every April. 


During the fair, students get the opportunity to look at the expected income of their career choices and simulate how they must budget that throughout their lives.


“We want as many students as we can at El Paso community college to go through this,” explained Gamez. “We feel that a lot of people don’t have a realistic understanding of what their finances are.”


The economics club is always looking for new members to join their mission on spreading economic and financial awareness to EPCC.


The club encourages all its current and potential members to follow their Facebook page in order to keep up with all the events they have planned.


“The purpose we have for this club is to not only learn but also to have something to put on your resume,” explained Bill Gonzales, the president of the economics club. 


“This is a great platform to build experience, to network and those kind of things you don’t do by just going to class.” Gonzales added.


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