Yeet Trump out of presidency

October 1, 2019


Donald Trump has led the most divisive presidency in American history.


It is believed that he is unfit to hold office and considering the recent Ukraine scandal Trump may actually get impeached.


From his bigoted rhetoric to his lack of political competences there are a variety of reasons Trump should be impeached. After Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced that there will be an impeachment inquiry the hearts of politically charged liberals nearly skipped when they found out that they might get this clown out of office. 


The unfortunate truth is that Donald Trump might get impeached, but it’s unlikely he will leave the office.



This is mostly because of how impeachment works in America.


Impeachment is the first of a two-step process of removing a president from office. When a president is impeached, they are basically being charged with a crime, similar to an indictment.


Once impeachment has happened, the second step would be to convict the president in order to remove him from office. This happens when one of the legislative bodies puts the issue to a vote and requires a two thirds majority.


Because the house has a democrat majority it is likely they will move forward with impeachment. This issue with removing Trump from office would be the Senate. Once Trump is impeached it would be up to the senate to remove him from office.


Since the senate is currently controlled by Republicans it’s likely they won’t come up with the majority. There is still hope for a Trump-free presidency and it’s really going to depend on the Republicans in the Senate.


At the moment, it seems like many Republicans are afraid to go against Trump. While some sources say that in private, some Republicans Senators disagree with Trump and would like him out of office. 
It seems few are open about this.


It seems many of these Senators are afraid to lose their base, whom are firmly on the President’s side.


If you are unaware of the recent scandal you may be asking yourself, “Why now?” What has the President done that suddenly changed Pelosi’s opinion? For most of Trumps Presidency she has held back on impeachment until now.


Many people believed the Russia investigation would get Trump impeached, but the reality there is that there was no proof Trump did anything wrong. His actions were certainly suspicious, but not enough to prove he was colluding. 


For this situation it seems the Democrats finally found the smoking gun needed for impeachment and it’s all thanks to a whistle blower.


The facts of the situation are still unfolding but the whistleblower’s report states that Trump allegedly used his position of power to ask a foreign government to investigate a political opponent. 


The most comedic part of all of this is that it seems like Trump didn’t know he did anything wrong. When pressed on the matter, Trump actually insisted on releasing the phone call between him and the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, against the advice of his staff.


Trump truly had no idea that asking a foreign leader for a favor that would personally help him with the election, completely undermines the constitution.


The evidence becomes even more damning after it was revealed that Trump’s administration withheld almost $40 million in foreign aid from Ukraine before making the call.


During the call Trump makes sure to remind Zelensky that “the United States has been very, very good to Ukraine,” seeming to imply the aid the U.S. has provided in the past.


This makes the whole conversation seem more like a bribe rather than a favor. At the moment Ukraine relies heavily on the U.S. for assistance with defense.


Ever since Russia annexed the Ukrainian city of Crimea in 2014 the country has had to ramp up its defense. Ukraine often buys weapons from the U.S., making this a mutually beneficial relationship. But it’s clear the U.S. has the upper hand.


In fact it is believed the aid Trump’s administration withheld was meant to purchase javelins from the U.S. to be used in the ongoing conflict.


While many of his supporters are trying to downplay the situation and make it seem like it’s not a big deal, his opponents are not backing down. 


Things are happening quickly and just as senator Bernie Sanders thinks, it needs to happen faster. 


“He is really an embarrassment to our country, and let’s get moving on the impeachment,” said Sanders.


The phrase ‘I miss Obama’ has transcended beyond just words and into a meme. 


As many of us young depressed liberals cry ourselves to sleep at night as we cope with the president that followed.


President Trump has done some detestable things in the past, from boasting about sexual harassment to stoking the flames of racial discrimination.


It is obvious he should not be where he is now and it’s about time we finally got something on him, and yeet him on out of here.

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