Spice up your ramen game at 'Gom Ramen'

October 1, 2019


As someone who eats Maruchan’s every day, Gom Ramen was a major upgrade. 


Gom Ramen is a brand new small Korean style restaurant located on 1821 Hunter Drive, only a few minutes away from the EPCC Valle Verde campus.



Aileen Morales / Tejano Tribune

"Gom Ramen", is the most popular dish the restaurant had, with

a level 3 of spyciness, which is a Koeran noodle dish.




When you first walk in the outgoing staff and warm atmosphere instantly welcome you. 


They have a simple environment with an open floorplan that allows you to smell every amazing scent coming from the kitchen.


I went at around 4 p.m. It was mildly busy but people normally leave within an hour of getting there. 


We ordered our food and drinks within five minutes of getting there. 


While waiting for them to prepare our food, they brought us some chocolate treats in order to keep the wait from feeling too long.


I ordered their most popular dish the Gom Ramen, a Korean noodle dish that can have four different spice levels from zero to three. I ordered the dish with a spice level of three, the highest one. 


The ramen exceeded every single one of my expectations. 


The presentation actually matched what they promised and the taste was even better than I imagined.


The ramen included scallions, egg, spicy sauce, noodles, and their simmered broth. 


Each ingredient had an it's own especific  purpose on the dish. 


The noodles were soft, the broth was flavorful and the sauce had quite a kick.


As someone who douses everything with Valentina, Sriracha or buffalo sauce, I was surprised that the ramen actually got me to tear up a bit. 


If you are not much of a spice fan, then I recommend a level of one or two. However, if you would like to test how much you can handle, I recommend  the level of number three. 


Do not let the small business fool you. 


Gom Ramen is the perfect lunch and dinner spot for all kinds of people. 


If you are ever in the mood to try something different than your more traditional food spots, I highly recommend the  new restaurant Gom Ramen. 


Overall, I would give the Gom Ramen with a perfect rating of 5 out of 5 stars due to their cozy environment, amazing hospitality, and most importantly their delicious food. Would choose this over a cup of noodles anyday.

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