Student travels 200 miles to learn English at EPCC

September 24, 2019


“EPCC is the best place for me, so I believe is the best place for the students,” explained 32-year-old student Saminda Fonseka, who travels 200 miles every Saturday to attend classes at EPCC.


Fonseka who is originally from Sri Lanka, and whose first language is Sinhala, takes part in the Intensive English Program at EPCC. 



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Saminda Fonseka, originally from Sri Lanka, whose first language is Sinhala,

travels 200 miles from Socorro, New Mexico to the EPCC campus at Valle Verde to learn English.




He currently lives in Socorro, New Mexico with his family.He drives about three hours every Saturday to get to the Language Institute at Valle Verde. He has been doing this for three years, all to improve his English.


“I like everything about the class, the teaching, grammar, speaking, and writing,” Fonseka said.


He has only missed two classes over these past three years and he has does not intend to miss any more because they have impacted him in such a positive way.


Fonseka showed a lot of appreciation for all the teachers at the Language institute.


“All the people are friendly, they are willing to teach you and they don’t leave anybody behind,” he explained.


 The reasons Fonseka chose EPCC for classes is because of their affordable tuition rates compared to other universities and the way the program adapts to a student’s skill level.




Saminda Fonseka, studying at the Valle Verde campus, is busy learning English, a completely new language for.him.






“At the Language Institute, we are committed to offering classes in a dynamic, multicultural and effective environment with the most innovative, supportive resources imparted by highly qualified and competent faculty members,” stated Lucy Flores, Manager of the Language Institute.


He is the first of his family to participate in this program at EPCC and they have supported him from the beginning. Fonseka commented that his family is happy with the results they have seen from this class.


Apart from being a student, Fonseka also works at the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology Department Portable Array Seismic Studies of the Continental Lithosphere at New Mexico Tech as a hardware engineer. 


Fonseka notes that the people around him at his work have also seen an improvement in his English.


Thanks to the English program Fonseka explained he has learned to “talk with people, answer questions in interviews and not be afraid to speak.”


Another goal that Fonseka would like to achieve is to be able to encourage students from different regions of the world to learn the English language. 


He wants to motivate people and tell them that if they can do something, do it.  


The sacrifices don’t matter because in the end everything is worth it.


Fonseca also took the opportunity to thank EPCC and all the teachers he has had during these past three years.


With this he also invites students to take this Intensive English Program at EPCC.


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