It 2; doesn't clown around with spooky sequel

September 24, 2019


IT: Chapter 2 is a surprisingly funny and good adaptation of Stephen King’s epic novel from 1986.


The movie starts Bill Hader, James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain and others as the adult versions of the Losers



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Bill Skarsgård reprises his roll as Pennywise, a villainous clown who once again has

to deal with a cantankerous group of "losers" who return after 27 years to once again do battle



Club from the first installment. In the sequel, members of the Losers Club return to Derry to finally destroy It who returns 27 years later. The performances in the film are outstanding but the pacing can drag. 


The movie is three hours long, but director Andres Muschietti has said that the final cut is after significant chunks are out of the film. 


I personally think the movie needed some reworking. Parts feel as if they can be easily cut, while at other points, some clarification would have been nice. 


It felt like the movie was just sequence of event one-after-another instead of a narrative, which is due to the cast splitting up for a chunk of the film.


The film can be very hard to follow, especially if you’re not familiar with the source material.  “Why is It back?” “What is It?”  “Why do the Losers Club not remember the events of the first film?”  


All these questions are explained away in the book, but you can’t expect your entire audience to be familiar with the lore.


Like I said before, the performances are outstanding. Hader as Richie and Ransone as Eddie were especially great. Hader is the obvious standout and makes the movie for me.  He is constantly hilarious, but he is also able to deliver in dramatic scenes. 


I felt that McAvoy as Bill and Chastain as Beverly were lacking, but that’s mostly because the script didn’t give them much to do.  Bill Skarsgård is also great as Pennywise the Clown, but his role is diminished for the sequel.


The film is scary, but not at the same levels of the first film. 


 I don’t hold that against it though because It is not really a horror tale.  It’s a metaphor for facing your fears and growing up that just happens to be scary, and it does that part well. 


This movie is NOT for kids.  There are inappropriate jokes, gore, swearing, and some distorted nudity.


I can’t really explain the distorted nudity part without giving away a big surprise.


The film did not disappoint, and it is a worthy conclusion.  I thoroughly enjoyed the film, and you probably will too if you liked the first film.  


I highly recommend finishing the adventure started with the first installment from 2017 if you have the time (it’s a big commitment- 3 hours).  


The performances and technical aspects of the film were great.  The humor left me breathless at points. Pacing issues aside, I would see It again while giving a rating for the film 4 out of 5 stars.

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