"Flix" brewing up something cinematic

September 17, 2019


The Flix Brewhouse movie theatre has arrived in El Paso with new technology, drink specials, and an extensive menu.


Flix Brewhouse is a dine-in theatre and America’s only cinema microbrewery. The theatre is located at the West Towne Village Marketplace near the Northwest Campus.



Rebeca Alvidrez / Tejano Tribune

Flix Brewhouse will hire over 150 new team members,

mostly young adults who will be the future in the entertainment or restaurant industries 



Approaching the theatre, you can see the shiny silver fermentation and storage tanks that are also visible inside the theatre. The lobby as you enter the theatre is known as the pub where you can enjoy drinks before your movie screening.


The core of the theatre is the kitchen which is responsible for serving dozens of menu items to the nine auditoriums. Flix Brewhouse brews their alcohol in house, so that every pour is fresh. 


This El Paso location will feature new technology not currently available at other locations. Three of the nine auditoriums will feature projectors that don’t require someone to man them like traditional projector booths. 


The El Paso location will also feature new EG2 Luxury Dining Recliners. 


These recliners are paired with tables that can change position for maximum comfort, and to call your server, you can simply press a call button that will immediately alert your server that you need assistance.


All seats are also elevated so that you aren’t distracted from your experience by the top of a server’s head moving around.



Flix Brewhouse offers an extensive menu; showcasing burgers, pizzas, and specialty fries.
The Bacon Brewhouse Burger is the company’s most popular entrée item.


The pizzas are made from scratch in house, and the Executive Chef for Flix Brewhouse is Gerry Bologard, founding executive chef of California Pizza Kitchen.


Their fries are also a staple, and the OG Fries are a favorite of the staff. Fountain Drinks are bottomless, and gratuity is applied to your check beforehand. The average ticket price at the theatre is $8 per ticket, and for that $8, they ensure a prime experience. 


The theatre has several policies that you should know about if you’re the average Cinemark moviegoer.


The theatre has an age policy that no one under the age of 17 can enter the theatre without an accompanying parent. Another policy is that, under no circumstance, will anyone be allowed to enter the theatre after the advertised start time. 


Trailers are kept to a minimum, so you won’t have to sit through 20 plus minutes of trailers and other advertisements. These previews are curated to be specific to your movie. For example, if you’re going to see a horror movie, trailers will be of other horror films. 


The last policy to be aware of is that no talking or cellphone use are allowed in the theatre. If you choose to ignore the policy, you will be escorted from the theatre. 


When I asked the CEO and Founder of Flix Brewhouse, Allan Reagan, why they chose a location at the West Towne Marketplace on the West side of El Paso rather than the East side, which is currently lacking a dine-in theatre, he responded that the area had two things going for it. 


First off, it was available explained Reagan, and second, it’s a fast-growing area with lots of new people moving in, and new residents means new movie going habits. 


The Flix Brewhouse has very strict policies that many in El Paso may not be used to, and they want to move into an area where residents will be more willing to conform to new habits. 


This is bad news for those on the East side who would have to drive a minimum of 35 minutes to get to the theatre, or to get to any dine-in theatre.


At opening, Flix Brewhouse will offer a drink named El Paso Strong and $2 of every pint will be donated towards victims of the August 3 shooting. 


The Flix Brewhouse theatre will also offer free beer every day for the first three weeks that they’re open when you text “flix” to 66866.

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