Toy Story 4 an entertainment for all ages

July 23, 2019



Toy Story 4 is a technically good movie that you’re either going to hate or love, and that’s all going to come from your personal thoughts on the first trilogy is.


Personally, the film wasn’t for me, and there was not much the filmmakers could do to win me over.  I was a kid that grew up with the original Toy Story trilogy.




"Toy Story 4" brought the box office to life with a $118 million opening weekend after a three-week slump of

underperforming sequels, but the Pixar film's

below-expectations debut didn't quell continuing concerns

about a rocky summer movie season



 I even used to have a Woody toy with Andy written on the bottom shoe which worked out because it was my name.


 I grew feeling like Toy Story was made for me and when the third film was out, I along with many others 
thought it was the perfect ending.  To me, Bonnie was never meant to be the next chapter, Andy was the kid, no one else.


 Ultimately, if you feel like me, that this movie shouldn’t exist, you probably won’t like the movie, but that’s not to say that you won’t enjoy the movie. The movie is still fun, and to give the filmmaker’s credit, they did try their best to consider people like me.


 The movie is essentially following Woody trying to come to peace with a decision shown at the start of the movie, and overcompensating in areas to deal with his guilt and eventually realizing that his life isn’t the same as it was with Andy and being okay with moving on.


 The theme of moving forward is an interesting theme because it works for the characters within the movie, as well as the audience who’s grown up with the film. I would say that if you have kids, the movie is a guaranteed hit with children.


I went to a basically sold out showing jam packed with children and they were eating the film up. Older audiences can appreciate the film too for its humor and deep character study of Woody.


The character Forky turns out to be a jem, in spite of what you might’ve thought from the trailers, and the animation is fantastic. There were moments in the film where things look photo realistic.


Another plus is the sound editing and design. All sounds from rain to the toys running were extremely well done. The villains were also great and the toys named Vincent terrified me, but I’m an easy spook.


The movie is really well done and you’ll probably love it, just be prepared that your love for the first three may make you uneasy about the film. I rate Toy Story 4: 3.5 ouf of 5tars



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