The earth is dying People aren't doing anything about it

July 23, 2019


The earth is dying, and people aren’t doing anything about it There is no doubt that people have had a great impact on out planet.


Forests have been cleared, pollutants have been saturated into the water we drink and the air we breathe, animals have been driven to extinction and the reality is every single one of us, is a small part of this very big problem.


Almost every aspect of our daily lives has some sort of impact on the environment from the car we drive, the products we buy and even the food we eat.


There are obvious examples of this including our use of single use plastics, pesticides and fuel guzzling vehicles. While many of us know these things are not good for our environment, we continue to use them because it makes our life a little easier.


Luckily there are people and organizations taking notice and trying to do something to improve this already bleak situation. People started becoming more involved in recycling, some are now using alternatives to the products we normally use every day like reusable straws, electric cars and organic foods.


Many stores also offer reusable bags and recycling services in order to lessen waste. Unfortunately, what we are doing right now in America is not nearly enough to truly make a change on the environment.


The reality is no matter how much you are committed to always brining your reusable shopping bag, driving your fuel-efficient car and use allnatural cleaning products, we will still be damaging the earth until our society makes a change.


Part of the issue with society regarding our planet is how selfcentered we can be, many people want convenience, we want fast cars, bigger and better houses, and the latest trends. Another issue is simply not caring, they don’t care that you can recycle that glass bottle you just used or that the styrofoam cup they are using will sit in a landfill for thousands of years.


The more frustrating issue for people that care about the environment face is the access to environmentally friendly products and recycling services. No matter how much we care for the environment almost every product we need will be wrapped in plastic and unnecessary packaging, many of which can’t be recycled or won’t be recycled due to how recycling works.


America has a big issue with how it runs its recycling programs. In most cities recycling is a business, meaning the top priority of any recycling plant is going to be profits, not what’s best for the earth. Many recycling programs will not accept items that can be recycled such as glass, and plastic bags simply because the monetary benefit does not outweigh the costs.


Other times items that should be able to be recycled are simply thrown away, for example colored plastics, while they can be recycled it is difficult to make new products out of plastics that have been dyed or painted so they often end up in landfills.


What can be done about this? There really is no single answer to what can be done to change the direction our planet is going is, one answer is revamping recycling in this country, not only making it easy for everyone to recycle but encourage it as well.


More progressive cities like San Diego and Austin have made attempts to push recycling by banning single use plastic bags and straws, countries like Japan and Norway recycle anything that can be recycled and make it a citizen’s duty to take part.


It needs to become easier to have access to renewable energy and be legal to produce your own. We will need to start letting go of our cars in favor of public transit. We need to reduce the amount of meat we eat and limit pesticides that kill off valuable species.


We need to do all of this and so much more if we have any hope for our planet. The thing is it’s hard, it’s so hard to change habits, so hard to make sacrifices and take the time out of our busy lives to go and recycle everything the trashman wont or trading in that SUV you love for a hybrid.


It’s hard, but that’s ok. As individuals that care for our environment, we need to remember to push forward no matter how inconvenient it may be. Keep learning and educating others, take small steps and don’t be ashamed because they don’t feel like enough. Society is hard to change, but with our voice, effort and time it can happen.


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