'The Lion King' remake has no personality

July 23, 2019


When it was announced that Disney and Jon Faverau were going to remake the 1994 classic animated film I was honestly dreading it.


The original film is not only my favorite Disney flick, it’s also one of the favorite childhood films I grew up watching.


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Lion King opened to a record-breaking $191.8 million at the North American box office over the weekend for an early global total of $543.6 million.


However, I did like what they did with The Jungle Book and Aladdin Live Action remakes so I went in giving this movie a chance. Unfortunately, after watching the film my biggest worries came true. This film is literally a shot for shot remake with nothing new really added.


The only thing that separates this film from the original is the gorgeous CGI animation, which is admittedly impressive, and the removal of a couple little scenes. Other than that that’s it! This is just a copy-and-paste of the original film and because of that the film feels soulless and just exists so it can make Disney more money.


I can’t even complement the songs since they already exist and sound much better in the original.

It is nice to hear James Earl Jones again as Mufasa and even Seth Rogen as Pumba. But that’s the only acting that I can complement because everyone else is just sticking to the same line delivery as the original actors gave back in 1994.


I felt this movie was made by a company or factory that’s just trying to make money. Which is not the way films should be made. They should be made because a filmmaker wants to tell a story and take us into a world we’ll never forget.


I never felt Jon Faverau wanted to give his own interpretation of the same story or even directed this movie.

It’s just an excuse to market something that was popular and groundbreaking twenty-five years ago in order to get people who grew up with the original as well as get kids who have never seen the original film.


A lot of people have been enjoying the live action Disney remakes but at this point it’s starting to become a bit ridiculous on how some of them have no vision. It just feels like an excuse to make a bunch of money on a film that’s not as refreshing or personality driven.


The point of a remake should be to put a new spin on something and make it different and have it stand out on its own as a film. Not just to copy the original word for word and do the same thing as before. That’s just what I feel about this movie, a film that’s just the same as the original with not that much new added.


In conclusion, I can’t fault the scenery and CGI animation that is on display. Even the voice work and acting is strong from everyone across the board. However, if I had to sum up a word to describe this movie it would be, “pointless.” My advice would for you to stay inside and just watch the original animated version instead. I rate this movie 2 out 5 stars.



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