Americana Village filled with red, white and blue fun

July 23, 2019


EPCC celebrates its students with a Red, White, and Blue Field Day. They have had five events for each of the five campuses.


The Valle Verde Americana Village field day started at 10 a.m. with live music from the band Tropicante, there they sang written songs and songs that you hear on the radio.




Wells Fargo shows support to El Paso Community College with letter lights at their facility.



Not only did they have a band but they had many games for students, children and the whole family to play. Such as bowling, toss the bean bag, chess, soccer, and students and cheerleaders alike came together for a game of tug of war.


There might have been entertainment and games but cheerleaders were raising money by serving hamburgers for $5 which included a drink and chips. Marketing had a booth which consisted of a spinning wheel that allowed students to spin if they liked or followed EPCC news on either Instagram or Facebook.


With the spin of the wheel whatever spot you landed on had a prize, the prizes were an EPCC water bottle, EPCC thumb drive, EPCC hat, or an EPCC pop socket or a goody bag filled with goodies. Marketing also told students about a new scavenger hunt, when each student signs up into the Scavify app and search up “Tejano Go”, options will appear, all five campuses will appear.


The app will tell you which campus to go to and which will have a specific monument or building that you will have to “hunt” for. When you have them you will get points for each finding this will then enter you into a raffling for a free tablet. All students are welcomed to join in the fun.


Top Golf also had a booth, at their booth they talked about memberships and also had people playing for either a chance for a free membership or “Top Golf Swag” which included spray sanitizer, bug repellent, top golf cups, and cup floaties.


 Tejano Jack was also in attendance to get the people hyped and excited, he played with water guns and water balloons also helping out by playing goalie for soccer.


Although there were not that many booths or people that attended, Red,white, and blue field at Valle Verde, the field day will continue on July 24th at the Mission Del Paso campus starting at 10 a.m. and ending at 1 p.m. Release your study stress or celebrate your end to a long summer semester. For more picture go to page 5.




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