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July 12, 2019


Nike once again is making a statement that I think we all need to hear, but here we go again with people being ignorant clowns.


There is always going to be that one person who isn’t happy about something and who will always have something to say about it. Nike has recently introduced a Plus-size mannequin in their London flagship store.


While they were trying to introduce the inclusivity of the different sizes in sportswear, some people took the time to tell their opinions on why it is “dangerous”, or “offensive” to sell something that tells women that it is okay to be “obese”.  


First of all, that wasn’t what was trying to be done, what Nike does is try to make sure that everyone is included, no matter their color, age or even weight. Nike was trying to make it known that exercising can be for everyone and anyone.


In an op-ed posted by The Telegraph,  the writer (Tanya Gold) has stated that she thinks that this plus-size mannequin is a dangerous lie, because plus size mannequins are “immense and vast” and said that the mannequin or anyone who is plus sized is “not readying herself for a run in her shiny Nike gear.” Okay, well let me tell you something. 


There is a chance that plus-size women are probably healthier than your average weight women, there’s a chance that even though she is still plus-sized she is in fact making sure she stays healthy by exercising and eating right. 


For example, look at plus-size model Ashley Graham, she is plus-sized and still works out and eats healthy just to keep her figure. 


So in fact Miss Telegraph writer, many women out in the world who look like the mannequins in fact, run in their shiny Nike gear and do the same physical activities everyone else does, they just do it a little bit better. 


Now, in my opinion having skinny mannequins is probably more dangerous than a plus-size mannequin. 


By having a skinny mannequin in every store that girls under the age of 18 go to, is telling them that they have to be a certain size in order for them to look cute in the clothes that are being sold. 


Even when it comes to models, most models do what they need to do in order to keep a “fit” figure.


This means by eating less, or not eating at all, this can also be dangerous because it is stating that by not eating and looking skinny the world will more than likely accept you. 


That to me is a “dangerous lie”.  But it isn’t about size here, it’s about how it is taking a jab at any women who wants to accepted, it’s bad enough we have to live in a world where they want to take our rights away and it is difficult for us to get acceptance in a man’s world, throughout our daily lives we have to fight and push through obstacles just to get our voices heard. 


Why can’t we just come together and empower each other, motivate each other women to women. 


Truth is, this world likes to show so much hate for plus-size women that they feel we don’t deserve to be represented or exist. But that kind of hatred has no place in our society, it is 2019 the year of acceptance and empowerment. 


Get over yourselves and start accepting people for who they are and let them live the way they want to. 


I am a plus-sized women and I want to be seen for who I am not what I am. 


So I commend you Nike for making a statement that once again makes me proud, you are doing everything right and making major moves. 


I can’t wait for what else you have in store, a round of applause for you. 


Haters to the left, please. We won’t be needing your kind of negativity here anymore, thank you.  

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