Stranger Things season 3 offers some surprises

July 12, 2019

Stranger Things is a Netflix original that just premiered its third season on Fourth of July.


In preparation for the new season, I rewatched the first two seasons which are fantastic, and after seeing the third season, seem like one story in two parts. 



The third season of the American science fiction-horror web television series
Stranger Things, titled Stranger Things 3, was released on Netflix's web streaming service on
July 4, 2019. (L-R) Starring Sadie Sink, Noah Schnapp, Millie Boby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Caleb McLaughlin. 



That fact may hurt season 3 because it’s the most different season.  Season 3 loses the aesthetic of the upside down and replaces it with the bright colors of the 1980s. 


This is done by shifting part of the story to a new mall in the city which adds a lot of bright colors to the set pieces.  Another big change is the third season villain.  Instead of Hawkins lab and the shadowy upside down creatures, we get secret Soviet era Russians, which while cheesy was fun.  


The Russian conspiracy addition does provide an interesting commentary on the American Dream which I appreciated.  


The upside down creature this time around is different, in design and how much it communicated.  


The character of Billy also has a much bigger part to play this season which pays off really well by the end of the season.  


The first half of the season is a bit slow but like the previous seasons, it really picks up the pace in the last few episodes.


The technical aspects of the show are fantastic as always, and overall I would say the third season is very well done and I personally recommend it, especially for the finale, bring tissues, and if you like the characters,


I’d stick out the mood differences in the first few episodes, like them or not, in order to see how your favorite characters end the season. 


I’d rate the season 3.75 stars out of 5, and remember to stick around after the finale for the post credit scene.

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