Child's Play film took a slice of the box office

July 12, 2019


I always grew up with the original 1988 “Child’s Play” as a child, however I’m not really a huge fan of the Chucky films. 


So when I heard there was a remake coming out, I really wasn’t that surprised but I wasn’t really dreading it either. 



The 2019 remake "Child's Play" has made over $ $26,748,889 domestically since its premiere on July 8.



The remake basically follows the same formula where a mother (played by Aubrey Plaza) gets her son Andy (played by Gabriel Bateman) a Buddy doll named Chucky who mysteriously comes alive and starts killing people. 


However, the difference between this and the original is that the 1988 version has a voodoo element where the doll gets possessed by a serial killer after preforming a voodoo sync with the doll. 


In the remake, they decide to make Chucky into a doll who is not possessed by a serial killer and instead has Artificial Intelligence and the system starts to go haywire one day. 


The good news is that this film is enjoyable for the most part. The performances by Aubrey Plaza and Gabriel Bateman are really good and have a good chemistry as mother and son. 


Even all the children acting from Andy’s friends are pretty good as well. 


Brian Tyree Henry also plays a detective who lives next to the mother and son and starts to investigate the killing. He is really good in this movie and you also feel a lot for his character. 


The killings are also really entertaining and very gory which I was kind of surprised with. And of course, Chucky himself is great and Mark Hamill once again does a really good voice performance. 


The film, like the 1988 original, is very corny and self-aware, while also not taking itself too seriously. 


I also really liked that the kids in the film actually talk like real teens and say things that wouldn’t be in a lot of children’s movies. 


My problems with the movie is how they start with the way Chucky actually looks. 


Even though I love the voice performance by Hamill, the look of Chucky’s face is way more stretched out than the 1988 version and is mostly reliant on CGI instead of practical effects, which were used in the original. 


I also think that this movie is pretty predictable, and I know it’s supposed to be a love letter to 80’s films and horror movies, but I still feel that it still isn’t an excuse for the film being predictable. 


This is especially evident when you can tell when someone is going to die in the film and it’s mostly always a bad person so that the audience doesn’t feel too bad when they “bite the dust”. 


Overall, this film is a fun entertaining throwback to 80’s slasher movies and films that came from that era. 


This movie isn’t a giant achievement in the art of filmmaking or even a fantastic horror film like “Hereditary”. But it is a fun and entertaining film that does its job well and has great kills and really entertaining and fun performances that carry the movie well. 

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