It's a good day for fish tacos in the Borderland

June 25, 2019



Dia de los Pescados is a local food truck from the east side of El Paso that specializes in seafood.  I first encountered the food truck roughly three months ago, and I immediately fell in love.


 My mom and I were searching for dinner one weekend, when she directed us towards a food truck that was recommended to her called Dia de los Pescados.  The food truck was parked in front of the First Light Federal Credit Union at 2200 N Zaragoza Rd.



(Left corner) Dia de los Pescados food truck. (Middle)

fish tacos 3x $7 and (Right corner) $9 fish po' boy sandwich.


 Now, I’m a big fan of seafood so I was excited, but I wasn’t too keen on their signature fish tacos covered in cabbage, tomatoes, and sauces (I hate tomato). I ended up ordering Fish and Chips, while my mom got an order of their signature fish tacos.  The fish was perfectly cooked and crispy and delicious.


 I fell head over heels for the beer battered fish.  That’s when my obsession began. DDLP became a Sunday night tradition in my house, and the fish tacos (which I had since tried and loved) became a Game of Thrones viewing necessity.


 I can honestly say that DDLP has my favorite sea food in El Paso.  So when I figured out a way to learn more about one of my favorite spots, I chomped at the bit. I recently sat down with Nadine and Victor Gonzalez, the couple that owns the truck, to find out the food truck’s history.


 To start, Victor and Nadine came to El Paso from LA four years ago, and opened DDLP October of 2017.  They told me that they’ve had the recipes for years, the fish taco recipe in particular dates back a decade, and that friends always told them that they should sell their food, so they bought the truck a year after being in 
El Paso, and spent months building the kitchen inside.


 In the beginning of operations, DDLP would be parked outside Mike’s Beer Depo and their customers were primarily friends and family.  The delicious food spoke for itself, and for the last couple of years, the business has continued to grow and today business is booming.


They even recently expanded the days they are open, and they’ve opened the door to catering.  Through it all, the truck has continued to be a family business, with their kids and themselves working the truck.


 They also made clear that if business continues to grow, eventually they would open up a restaurant front to deal with customer demand, much like other food trucks turned restaurants in El Paso, like Steve-O’s and Desert Oak BBQ.


 They also give a lot of credit to their social media for their success.  Victor expressed that their utilization of platforms like Instagram has expanded their business by giving interested customers a place to look for any specials, news about the truck, and pictures of the food they serve, all in one place.


Their Instagram handle is @diadelospescados.  Another piece of philosophy from Victor and Nadine is keeping prices affordable.  The Gonzalez family is a family of eight, and a family that enjoys supporting food trucks, so they understand that affordable prices make your business more attractive to families, and they believe that DDLP is one of those places that is for families.


Their current menu consists of their fish tacos, shrimp tacos, fish po’boys, shrimp po’boys, coconut shrimp, shrimp alfredo fries, shrimp guacamole fries, fish n’ chips, and shrimp n’ chips.  The simple menu makes sure that quality can be maintained.


Prices are also very reasonable for the food provided. Specials are usually available Sundays and can be deals like, “12 fish tacos and 3 drinks for $25.” And as a person who can eat a lot of food, I can say that even 3 fish tacos can make you full.


Their more popular items are the signature fish tacos, shrimp Alfredo fries, and the po’boys. They are now open Thursday through Sunday from 7-11 pm at 2200 N Zaragoza Rd, and are also open Fridays from 11:301:30 at Del Sol Medical Center.


Dia de los Pescados is genuinely one of my favorite places to eat and I recommend it to anyone and everyone. They offer fantastic food at an affordable price with a fun, family friendly environment. Even if you are apprehensive about seafood, DDLP is most definitely a place you have to try at least once




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