Letter to the editor

April 30, 2019


Good afternoon,

I was reading the opinion section, by Destiny Del Palacio, “Immigrants are welcome here”. 


I disagree with the way the article was written and her views.  It’s obvious she does not like President Trump, by inserting her negative and sarcastic remarks. 


 The reason President Trump threatened to shut our borders down was due to the lack of help coming from Mexico in regards to the hundreds of caravans Mexico is letting come through.  It wasn’t because, as you say, he didn’t get his way.


Yes, Mexico CAN do their part, but they just expect the USA to take them all in.  

The USA has no problems with immigrants, but they need to NOT break the law and come into our country legally.  

That is one point that everybody seems to “forget”, our law has been broken.


It’s a slap in the face to those that are trying to gain legal status in the USA.  There is a huge difference between legal and illegal. Mexico has some of the strictest immigration laws, and a southern border wall, but they are allowing the caravans to move through their country and to push their way into ours, so yes, Mexico CAN do its part.  


It’s not that the USA can’t handle the illegals coming in to our country, but the USA is unwilling to always be the ones to take the brunt of the force. It was a tactic to get Mexico to do their part in helping to stop the flow.  


Letter is in response to "Immigrants are welcome here" editorial on April 9, 2019


Yes, Mexico does have the means to curb this issue and do their part.  Technically, the USA does not have to let them in. 

 What about how other countries treat illegals crossing their borders.  Some have forces with weapons and will shoot you first, before considering to let them in.  


Just because they reached our border, doesn’t entitle them entry. Also, those that are seeking asylum, are supposed to go to the first country they enter, which, usually is Mexico.  Most of those in the caravans expect the USA to take them in, as if we owe them something.


Most of those coming through do not meet the asylum seeking conditions.  It’s not fair to the taxpayers of the USA to pay for the livelihoods of these individuals.  We need to take care of our own legal US citizens first and foremost before we can help hundreds of thousands of illegals crossing our borders.  Most of them receive better benefits packages than those of the legal citizens.


 It becomes an economic issue.  They are not paying taxes for their portion, but the legal taxpayers get stuck picking up the tab. Most of the money made by the illegal immigrants is sent back to their home countries and families they left behind.  


So, how is this boosting the economy of the US?  Why should we stop asking Mexico to do their part in helping to stop the caravans????  Oh, so it’s only the problem of the USA????  You are very wrong on this stance.


Just because you don’t like or approve of President Trump, please have respect for the office of the POTUS. You referred to President Trump as trump (you didn’t even capitalize his name), in your 14th paragraph. Keep in mind, President Trump is making America better and putting its LEGAL citizens first!!


He is taking care of OUR country and our LEGAL citizens.  How do you expect us to take care of millions of illegals if we can’t take care of ourselves first??????  We have plenty of homeless people, including our veteran’s. They need our assistance first.  


Liberals and Democrats always feel that the USA needs to take care of the world, which that is not our role. 

Thank you and have a great day.


Kimberly McBroom

Campus Cashier, NWC


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