100th pint of blood donated by Ron Stroud

April 23, 2019


El Paso Community College Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Blood Donation Director, has been recognized for his 100 blood donation by Vitalant, El Paso’s blood banking organization. According to Vitalant, EPCC is currently the Number one blood donor in the region.


“Every blood donation is critically important, and achieving 100 donations is incredibly rare,” Dr. Julie Penley, Vice President of Research, Accreditation and Planning said.


 “Dr. Stroud’s donations have helped countless individuals in our region, and are great examples of EPCC employees’ commitment to and involvement in our community. His is a goal every eligible donor should strive to achieve.”


Fifteen years ago, Dr. Stroud was appointed by the President of EPCC to turn the blood program around. Historically, the college of about 28,000 students was only contributing about 700 pints of blood to the community yearly. Now, the college has consistently increased blood donations and averages now 2,500 donations annually.



EPCC has contributed 1,762 donations in the 2018-2019 year thus far which has helped as many as 5,286 people in need.


EPCC has contributed 1,762 donations in the 2018-2019 year thus far which has helped as many as 5,286 people in need, as one donation can often help as many as three people. 


In 2014, Dr.Stroud was selected as the recipient of the Donor Recruiter Volunteer Coordinator of the Year and was awarded the Best School Blood Drive Award for his effectiveness in spearheading the blood drives at EPCC.


Dr. Stroud was “pleased to have the opportunity to donate his 100th pint of blood and help as many as 300 people especially being a universal donor with type O negative blood of which there is always shortage of in El Paso.”


He plans to continue to donate for the rest of his life, donating every 2 months or 6 times a year, and hopes that the EPCC faculty, students and community is motivated enough to follow in his footsteps. 


The 2018-2019 Blood Drive will continue Next Week at the Valle Verde Campus. Students, faculty and staff are urged to donate to help surpass the 2,629 donations of the 2017-2018 academic year and continue to be the region’s Number one blood donor. 


There is an Urgent Call for O type Blood, but of course all blood types are needed. Donors can learn their cholesterol level, and also receive a donor card (with their blood type), which they can show in an emergency. Don’t forget your ID.


Information on blood drive dates happening at any EPCC campuses, please visit the schedule webpage, for more information about Vitalant, visit their website. 



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