Psychology program gearing up for trip to Spain

April 16, 2019


Have you ever wanted to travel abroad? 

Have you ever wanted to fly overseas for a brand-new experience? Want to quench your thirst for adventure while learning about the history, culture and psychology of a whole different country? 


If so, then the EPCC Psychology department might have the answer for you with an all-inclusive trip to Spain.


The trip is being planned by EPCC psychology professors Chris Ramirez and Guilleromo Gomez, they plan to take about 15 college students on a tour of Spain.


Giving them the opportunity to explore the winding street and museums of Madrid, gaze upon the architectural masterpieces of Barcelona or relax by the crystal-clear beaches of Costa del Sol, all while learning about psychology.


“We wanted to reach out to as many students as we could and get them excited about going to Spain and then getting the experience of a different country, but also applying psychology and the history of psychology in regard to Spain and how it developed there and what came on afterwards. It’s just something for the kids to get out of campus and talk about a classroom experience, where you are actually there.” -Professor Chris Ramirez


The trip is being planned for May of 2020 once the spring semester and exams are over, also giving interested students time to plan.The trip with start with a flight straight from El Paso to Barcelona, and once there the group will be meeting with other college students and begin a 9 day tour. 


Students will get to visit the cities of Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Toledo, Costa Del Sol, and Granada as part of the tour. Professor Ramirez goes on to explain “We’ll be visiting different cultural sites, museums, churches, more of what the tourists tend to see, but we will be able to talk about psychology and where it started.”


While the trip will have a guided tour, participants will get the opportunity to do some exploring off tour, allowing students to get a more personal look of Spain as well. The price of the trip may range anywhere between $3,800 to $4,000 and includes the cost of travel, food, hotel and guided tour.


College students of all ages and schools in the area are welcome to join.While the trip is still over a year away, it’s understandable that it may be difficult for students that aren’t working to raise the money. 


For those cases Professor Ramirez hope to hold fund raisers such as car washes and bake-sales to help alleviate some of the costs. While both professor Ramirez and professor Gomez would like to take everyone they can, there is unfortunately a limited number of seats for the tour so, participants will only be accepted on a first come first serve basis.


So if you’re ready for something new or simply trying to mark off a destination in your plan of seeing the world, then join Professor Ramirez and Professor Gomez on this new adventure. 


Enroll by phone by calling 877-485-4184 or visit online at EFCST.COM/2214306TPWhen calling make sure to provide program number: 2214306TPFor questions or concerns contact or


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