Change the world one act of kindness at a time

April 16, 2019



We never really know how good our lives are until we see that there are people, families that have absolutely nothing. 


We complain about not having the most expensive phone or car, while these families are thankful that someone even thought about giving them a hot breakfast one morning.


There are so many things that are wrong with this world, there are so many children and families who are homeless in America.


According to, Adults and children in families make up 33 percent of the homeless population. As of 2018. 


An estimated 180,413 people in families or 56,342 family households were homeless. They are either living on the streets, in a car, or in a place not meant for human habitation. In a single second, someone’s life can turn around for the worse. 

It might be caused by an illness, a house fire, an eviction notice, or even a loss of a job. 


Most Americans can’t imagine being homeless, and because of this those who are homeless are looked at as being at fault for the situation, citizens look at homeless people and think “he could get a job, he’s just lazy,” sometimes that isn’t the case.


He might have a mental illness that forbids him to work, or he might have lost everything and can’t get back on his feet. 

“Well why can’t he just go to a shelter instead of sleeping under the bridge?” there might not be enough room for him to sleep, the homelessness in America is so high that there might not be enough food, clothes, or beds to go around to help each homeless family or person get off the streets. 


The next and only resort they have is the benches in the park, alleys, or even sleeping under bridges. Volunteering at a shelter has opened my eyes to what’s really wrong with America, even though some of these people live in a shelter they still wake up early in the morning, brush their teeth and get ready for their day. 


Whether it be taking their kids to school, going out to find a job, an apartment, or even going to work at their job to help get them that apartment. No one is pretending to be anything that what they are, nobody worries about high end clothes or having high end things. 


All these parents want to do is get the best life for their children, so they do everything they can just to make sure they aren’t living in a shelter forever. The children all play with each other and grow a bond, they don’t see themselves as homeless. 


The children are the most bright faced, they are happy and don’t have a care in this world. That’s the way it should be. Next time we citizens want to criticize someone for being homeless don’t do it, one day it could be us. 


Imagine how good you would feel if you helped donate to shelters, or organizations that help spread out donations to different shelters. Do not donate dirty items, if it is broken, do not donate it. 


Call shelters around town and ask how you could be a volunteer or simply ask what specific needs they might have for the shelter. Residents are willing to help or be of service to the community and also available for day jobs. 


Do not take advantage of them by offering extremely low wages or expect them to work for free. Give them the dignity of an honest day’s pay for a day’s work. Consider donating your time and talents by offering to cook, teach an evening class, read to children. 


Help organize a pantry of help with crafts or gardening for the community. Give back to those who don’t have much, do it out of the kindness of your heart, don’t just do it because you need community service hours. Change the world one act of kindness at a time. 



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