The realization of being an adult

April 9, 2019


The moment you learn to prioritize what truly matters is the moment you start adulting. The moment you become aware of your actions and how they affect your surroundings, you become self-aware. 


The moment you set your own boundaries and keep people at a distant you learn to respect. 

Of course, there are different ways of assimilating each, but all these are part of becoming an adult. 


There is quite a lot of people that learn these traits at a young age. There are also people that learn adult traits at an older age and it widely varies. 


Now many of us rush this process but it doesn’t necessarily mean they grasp the concept of it. 


The best way to grasp this is to think to yourself am I ready to stop acting like a child? Am I ready to drive on standard my life? Am I ready to create my own road when there is no road whatsoever? 


Adult realization is learning to stop being babied, stop being afraid, stop complaining and learning to deal with things as they come.Complaining may help to take out stress the thing is that it becomes a problem when you keep doing it and don’t speak up for yourself. 


Now there is way more to this but I can’t really say much I myself am one quarter in into this process.  There are days that we are allowed to act irrational and that is called being human and making mistakes. You grow the moment you realize those mistakes. 


Adult realization is about realizing a lot of things, in order to realize this you need to observe yourself within yourself as a second person. Asking yourself what am I doing right and what am I doing wrong?Sometimes we get scared to realize we aren’t the person we want to be.


Not everyone wants to be an adult, but sometimes there is no other option. College takes us down this path and its all on us to hold on tight and work it out as best. Prioritizing is one of the biggest factors in becoming an adult. 


Prioritize your time, your space your goals because if you don’t do it for yourself no one will. No matter how I write this many won’t have the time to read it or even agree to it. The truth is it doesn’t matter because this is my opinion to everyone out there and for whoever wishes to read it.


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