Immigrants are welcomed here

April 9, 2019


Two weeks ago, trump shocked America with his threat to shut down the border, this threat put a lot of Americans into a panic. 


Most of all it worried those who cross the border every day, students that attend college here in El Paso had no idea what they were going to do. 


They would have had to sacrifice being with their families in Juarez just to make sure that they could keep going to school. 


A lot of those students have jobs on this side so that they can afford college. If they couldn’t cross, it could’ve resulted in them losing their jobs but then the colleges made it an effort to figure out ways they could help these students. 


UTEP was going to provide temporary housing to those who had no where to go, the colleges tried to make sure that the students kept getting the education they deserved. 




Then Thursday of last week it was like a punch to the face when trump said “just kidding” when it came to drop his threat. You ruined lives when you decided to open your mouth and threaten to close the border. 


To make matters worse he wouldn’t have done it for a cause, he would have risked a fall in the economy just because Mexico and the congress wouldn’t comply with his demands. 


What kind of president is that? What kind of president tells students, hardworking people and business owners that they won’t be able to make money or get an education just because he didn’t get what he wanted. 


These were people’s lives that he risked, Mexico was never going to comply with what the president demanded because they can do nothing about it. Even though the shutdown was called off, all it takes is a change of mind, a five-minute call and a second to act. 


I wouldn’t hold my breath hoping that he will keep his promise. In 1969, Nixon was the president who didn’t just threaten to shut down the border but turned the shutdown into a reality. 


A trump border shutdown would have put blame on Mexico for the problems that his administration wouldn’t have been able to fix. It could have resulted in social and economic chaos which would have led the U.S. to fall back and this would have been another useless action we took for no reason.


There is a proper way to keep illegal immigrants from coming to the united states, but once they come there is nothing we can do because they are now on U.S. soil. By law we are supposed to give them asylum.


According to, an asylum seeker must prove that he or she has a well-founded fear of persecution based on one or more of five grounds: Race, Religion, Nationality, Membership in a social group (Most LGBTQ individuals who apply for asylum qualify under this category) and Political opinion. 


It’s sad to see that they are housing them under the bridge where the only thing sheltering them is a fence. Why doesn’t this make Americans angry? Why do we ignore the things that involve us 100 percent? We like to say, “it won’t affect us in any way because we don’t have to cross the border,” but it will. Just one word can change the lives of us all, we could lose money, produce, and even meat. 


The white house needs to handle these matters better and stop asking for Mexico to chip in because it just won’t happen.It never will, learn how to take care of your country, our country.Maybe things would get better if America took care of America and we tried to make America what it is supposed to be again.


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