Student mental health meeting set for April 12

April 2, 2019


The El Paso Community College at Valle Verde will be having a Meet and Greet in order to discuss Mental Health Needs and how to fulfill them. 


This meeting will take place on April 12, 2019, at 10:00 am through 11:30 am at the Administrative Service Center Board room. 


Luckily this meet and greet will be open to everyone who is interested in the topic or has questions concerning mental health. 


Along with the information, the campus will also provide light refreshments.The Valle Verde campus has invited Rita Hernandez from Del Mar College Counseling Center so she can provide her experience and knowledge on the subject at hand. 


She will first be taking a tour around the Rio Grande campus before heading over to Valle Verde for the meet and greet.



Hernandez will be providing a brief overview of how Del Mar College Counseling Center works toward fulfilling the needs of students and their mental health.The meeting will serve as a workshop for faculty and staff on the subject of mental health, but also as an informational meeting for everyone to learn about the concerns about mental health.  


The goal for this meet and greet is to address the topic of mental health to students and staff. EPCC wants to build connections to get more students and professors involved. They are basically shining a light on mental health. 

EPCC is also trying to get hold of other colleges in order to learn from their counseling on mental health and apply what they are able to. 


In summary, EPCC is improving their support for students who have concerns over their’s or someone else’s mental health. Not only colleges, but EPCC is also trying to get a hold of Project Vida in hopes of working with them to achieve their goal. 


While the topic of mental health has risen suddenly on campus, it is important that EPCC addresses it as fast as possible. Priscilla Gutierrez, a counselor at the Rio Grande campus, as well as a licensed psychologist and professor, says that students shouldn’t be afraid or concerned over their mental health and that there should be no reason to hide it. 


Gutierrez says it is important to seek a counselor and be able to combat the problem instead of suffering through it.

While a lot of the preparations for fulfilling the needs of mental health are still underway, some of the campuses have already taken action. Starting organizations, such as the Active Mind which is a club that offers awareness and help to students. 


EPCC also already had a counseling center who can help students. You can visit them at the Valle Verde campus or can also call (915)-831-2642. Also, if by any chance you are unable to attend the meeting, EPCC is planning on recording or live streaming the meet and greet to post on their youtube account.


The meeting and actions taken by the college have already gathered a lot of support from faculty, staff and students alike. With the support from El Paso Community College and its members, we can achieve the awareness wanted toward the topic of mental health and help students achieve their education.


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