Captain Marvel sets the stage for Endgame

April 2, 2019


Ever since the stunned and sorrowful audiences of “Avenger: Infinity War” caught a glimpse of the film’s post-credit scene, a lot of hype has been built up around Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel. 


 There are several factors that have contributed to the anticipation of this characters arrival. Some of these include: this is Marvel’s first sole-female lead, Captain Marvel has been said to be the most powerful superhero of the entire series, and she is also set to become the future face of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).


Now that the film has finally been released, fans across the country have been flocking to theaters to see the final film leading up to the last installment of the “Avengers” franchise (which drops April 26).


So far, fans have been relatively split on their feelings towards the movie. 



The movie starts off with Captain Marvel as a warrior for the “Kree,” who are basically just one of the many alien races Marvel has to offer. For reasons she does not yet know, she cannot remember her past before being apparently saved from death by the Kree.



"Captain Marvel" has made over $350 million domestically  since its premiere on March 8.


Her people are currently at war with the “Skrulls,” who the Kree claim to be evil, planet-invading shapeshifters. After a mission goes awry, Captain Marvel gets split off from her team, and she then becomes stranded on Earth.


There, she forms a new alliance with Samuel L. Jackson’s “Nick Fury.” Together, Captain Marvel and Fury try to stop the Skrulls while also attempting to uncover the mystery of Captain Marvel’s past, which she soon begins to realize took place on Earth.


Overall, the film is able to land some humor, incorporate some 90’s nostalgia, and pose some future questions for the greater Marvel Universe, but something about this movie causes it to lack some heart. When compared to some of the MCU’s other origin stories, Captain Marvel differs in its structure in that her character already has her powers; all she is really looking for is the truth about her past.


Although the potential of the Skrull storyline and the amnesiac hero was there, this basic lack of a conflict arguably becomes the film’s greatest weakness. Many fans have criticized the movie’s lack of character and passion, and a big cause for this stems from the title character’s lack of change. 


In almost every other origin story Marvel has released, the main character undergoes some sort of character arch. In “Iron Man,” Robert Downey Jr.’s “Tony Stark” goes from being an inconsiderate, snobby weapons-dealer into becoming a responsible hero with a concern for the safety of the world. 


In “Thor,” Chris Hemsworth’s character gets humbled by his father, Odin, and he must discover what it takes to become worthy of wielding the incredible power he once had. In Captain Marvel, Brie Larson’s “Carol Danvers” does not really go through much change at all. 


Basically, she starts off the movie wanting to know something, she pretty much spends the entire movie pursuing the knowledge of the said thing, and in the end, after learning what she wanted to learn, it just allows her to realize something and she becomes super powerful and destroys her enemies with ease. 


For this reason, I disagree with many fans’ criticisms of Brie Larson’s performance, because the un-engaging conflict, lack of a character arc, and fairly dull writing did not give her much to work with. I think the biggest flaws lied in the filmmakers’ basic storytelling decisions. 


Granted, the film does have some humor, there are other plots in the film that have some interesting twists (which, hint-hint, could possibly leave the door open for a sequel), and some other interesting plot-points, holes, and explanations are shown to us regarding the MCU’s timeline as a whole, but this movie falls short in terms of its entertainment value because of the story’s core conflict. 


On a more positive note, this movie seems to be a definite must-see if you plan on catching “Avengers: Endgame” later next month. If it did one thing, this movie filled us in on some potentially crucial information about Captain Marvel’s past, and, *SPOILER ALERT* as the mid-credit scene hints, her real challenge may be coming soon when she joins the remaining Avengers back on Earth after Thanos’ infamous snap. Rating: 3/5

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