There's nothing easy about choice

March 5, 2019



There’s no easy way to talk about this since it has been such a controversy for quite a while, but I think it’s important to talk about. Abortion.


Trump has made the decision to abolish Title X forever and put his “Gag Rule” into effect. 

Over 4 million people rely on Title X annually, this is what gives low-income women the chance to birth control and reproductive health care.


These women can’t afford health care services on their own, it’s there to ensure that every woman no matter where they live, or their background, how much money they make, and whether they have health insurance.



Title X allows these women basic reproductive health care; but, all society sees is that it allows them the advice to get an abortion.Why take away the only right we feel free to use? Why as a society have we come to this point, only to take 100 steps back when it comes to taking away women’s rights? 


The Trump-Pence administration has issued their “gag rule,” which basically says that any facility that receives government fundings are not allowed to give legal abortion services or advice. This must be the most dangerous rule the Trump administration has ever come up with, not just that but it’s ridiculous. 


It’s ridiculous that women are being told how they should run their own bodies.  Woman are always going to be stereotyped about being a mother and taking care of the home and children, we will never have the freedom to do what we want because the law will always say its wrong. 


The government will always be against us and all we have is to fend for ourselves. So why not stand up for the women who get raped and don’t want the reminder of having to keep their child, or struggle with the fact that they may not be financially ready to support a child alone.


Imagine being a 17-year-old girl who was raped by a man who her mother was having men coming in and out of the home, while the mother was drugged up and high the man decided to take it upon himself to rape you and then a few weeks later you find out that you’re pregnant. 


Then imagine being told that you will have to birth this child no matter what because Trump took away Title X. 

This would have allowed you to take care of the pregnancy that you never asked for. 



You are a 17-year-old girl who just wanted to go to school, go to parties, go to college and make a name for herself. 

You would have been given the resources needed when it came to having an abortion which you should’ve felt free to do in the first place. 


But instead, you must live with the reminder of your rape, the reminder that your dreams were taken away a long time ago. Women live in a world where they are being told by a man to move on and deal with the baby they didn’t ask for, if a woman wants to have sex with many men then she should be able to get the resources she needs to protect herself. 

Women should be able to get what their right say’s she can receive. 


It’s not fair that low-income women are the only women getting bashed on, the privileged women could always have a private abortion service without the backlash. Title X doesn’t only give women health care but gives them freedom, and empowered lives. 


There will be a day that women will become mothers, I will become a mother. I want to be able to give my daughter a place where she feels safe to have a conversation about the options she has when it comes to her pregnancy, I want Title X to continue to protect her as a woman by giving her safety to say “The law says I can make my own decision.” 


Abortion is really a tough subject to talk about because we don’t know how to answer the question of “are you pro-life” or “are you pro-choice”.  It’s tough for society to be on either side because no matter what side they are on, both sides will never win. 


Be pro-life or be pro-choice be mad about what you believe in, just don’t be the one that becomes the problem. 

Everyone has different beliefs, you don’t have to understand each other but just know that the Trump administration wants to take away an essential law that our daughters will one day need. 


Without it women will never be free, women will never have the chance to do anything freely even when it comes to their own bodies, women will have nothing left. Don’t take away the only thing that keeps women powerful, the right to have a voice. Let us make our own choice Trump.  


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