The Upisde teaches a valuable lesson

February 26, 2019



A warming story that is able to contain the viewers with its plot and beautiful lesson. The Upside is no exception to that, in fact, it even nails it. 


The movie does contain some very clichéd scenes, but overall the movie does what it is there to do and that is to provide a beautiful story. 


(It is important to note that this movie is not for everyone, it is for specific viewers who are not picky of the acting and just want a good story.)


The movie is about a Billionaire named Phil (Bryan Cranston) who is paralyzed from the neck down after an accident. 



"The Upside", starring Kevin Hart (L) and Bryan Cranston (R), has made a total of $99.7 million as of February 23, 2019. 


This has now left Phil in a very deep depression. 

Now Dell, who is a former prisoner, (Kevin Hart) is trying to make up lost time with his son. 


As part of his parole, he is forced to go look for a job in order to prove himself. He ends up getting a job as Phil’s caretaker. Dell has to move in with Phil because it is a 24/7 job and overcome a lot of challenges that take over Phil’s life. Such as feeding him, dressing him, and changing his catheter (Yeah, gross). 


They end up being really good friends and bring each other out of their comfort zone, which just further increases their trust. The movie overall has a great storyline to tell about two people who meet purely by coincidence.


 It isn’t meant to be taken literally with some of the films imperfection, but to teach a lesson and tell a wonderful story. Some of the interactions between Phil and Dell seem forced, but besides the acting, the movie does everything well. 


The sections of the movie which are cliché are the most disappointing parts of the movie.If you don’t have a problem with movies who have small problems with the acting and dramatic moments, then I would highly recommend this experience.


What makes the movie so beautiful is the unraveling of Phil’s problem which Dell is able to help him with. It shows how life will never be predictable, Dell the most unsuitable person for the job is able to help a millionaire get over some of his problems that are rooted from his past. 


The experience was also expanded because of how the audience reacted with every heartfelt moment. 

The theater’s atmosphere, with every “aw!” that was heard, made the movie better.


The Upside made a total of 99.7 million as of February 23, 2019, according to The movie overall was good and if you watch it, watch it with an open mind. Really take in some of the lessons projected in the movie. 

Because of that, the movie is a four out of five stars. 


It deserves this rating because of how well the plot unfolded, it had good laughs (We are talking about Kevin Hart).  

Overall the movie is placed well with the audience it targets which is why it deserves a four out of five stars.

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