Wifi upgrades happening around EPCC

February 12, 2019


Students and staff can now start enjoying a faster and more reliable Wifi network. This new network brings new technology to EPCC as well as improving the strength of the connections throughout all campuses. 


Overall it brings a better experience for students and staff by implementing new technologies for smoother searching and browsing.


 The new network improves the coverage across the district.

A guest Wifi network has also been added for those who don’t have an EPCC login, allowing anyone in the community to safely browse the internet at any campus.



“The new network is five times faster,” said Carlos Estrada-Munoz, a System administrator for EPCC, new equipment and architecture has been added to drastically improve every aspect of the old Wifi network. The bandwidth, the capacity of users that can access the wifi at the same time before it begins to slow down, has also been increased. 


This will allow the internet speed to be more reliable in places where a lot of people are using wifi. Estrada-Munoz says that the security has also been upgraded, IT will be able to see if devices are attempting to attack other devices as well as manage these devices and stop them from doing any harm. 


This will allow Information Technology to keep students and staff safe while browsing, as well as other people in the community who use the new guest Wifi.“We are providing a service to the community even if they’re not a student or staff,” said Estrada-Munoz in regards to the addition of a guest Wifi network. 


This new addition will allow people who are visiting EPCC to be able to access the internet. Anyone on the guest Wifi will not be able to access certain EPCC sites such as MyEPCC and Web Banner. Aside from this the guest network will function the same as the normal wifi and have the same security measures to prevent attacks. 


“The college increased the number of Access Points district-wide; not only is wireless connectivity in common areas but also in classrooms and students service areas,” said Alfonso Barrera, a Senior Network Engineer for EPCC. The connection strength and coverage have been improved on every campus because of this update. 


This new technology is being used to improve browsing for everyone. With the addition of the cloud, technology browsing and searching can be done more efficiently so students are able to look for information while in class says, Barrera.  


“The college will continue to use the wireless system and seek any implementation and improvements throughout the future.” said Barrera, he adds “We had challenges during the semester session, our Network team working in hallways and in classrooms but an exciting task at hand. We still look forward to improving in areas where wireless connectivity is required.” IT will continue to work on the areas in all campuses where the wifi is lacking strength and range.


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