VV to host a Valentine's Fair "Sweet as Candy"

February 12, 2019


Are you an El Paso Community College student and looking for an activity on Valentine’s Day while attending your daily classes? Look no further as our very own EPCC Campus Life has what you are looking for as they will be hosting the Sweet as Candy Valentine’s Day Club Fair.


The fair, as was discovered, has been operating for many years and serves not one, but two purposes as our very own Valle Verde Campus Life representative Yadira Corral explains after being asked how long the fair has been going on and what is the main concept.





The "Sweet as Candy" Valentine's Day Club Fair will be informing students on the many clubs and organizations EPCC has to offer.



“It’s been a couple of years... but the point of the club fair is to inform students of the different clubs and organizations that we have on campus that they can enjoy.” 


Yadira went on to say, “We have pretty much an organization per major or something related to something they want to do with their career.”But a club within your major or career is not all they have to offer, they also possess an array of entertainment clubs as I came to learn.


“We have other clubs that are just for entertainment. We have the Anime Club, Universal Ciphers, Sign Language, Nursing Club, Automotive Club ...”, Yadira said. 


A great action that rises from this fair is that it will also aid the clubs in return for participating as Yadira went on to say, “The fair is an opportunity for the clubs and organizations to recruit students.”


What students may not know is that Campus Life offers the opportunity to open a new club if students do not find what they are looking for. Corral adds, “They just need five students that are currently enrolled and one faculty member to be their advisor and we will guide them through the process.”


Do not fret as there as some perks to owning and being a part of a club as our Campus Life representative explained, “So we had some of the clubs traveling to Europe last year. It is an opportunity for them to get more people and then we provide the opportunity throughout the year to do fundraisers... The Anime Club went to California two weeks ago to an anime convention.”   


Moving on to the fun the fair will offer, she described to me what we may look forward to as far as games, treats and entertainment. A booth will be provided for each club who were asked by Yadira to bring along a game and treats for students. Yadira was able to provide a few examples of games students may end up playing. 


“A club has a hot potato game, the Art Society will do henna tattoos for free, and spin the bottle.”, among others and drop by the Sign Language Club to pick up on a few signs. Campus Life themselves will have paper hearts for students to fill out in order to dedicate and play a song for a special someone!


After a good laugh session from being asked if singles may find love at this event, Yadira exclaimed, “Of course! They can just take a heart and just tell them...”, tell someone you like them and there you go, you may have found your Valentine! 


“We want them to go and learn about what we have to offer here at Student Leadership and Campus Life”, states Yadira Corral regarding the upcoming Valentine’s Day Club Fair, which is set to take place on Thursday February 14, 2019 and will be held in the Cafeteria Annex from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Do not forget your valid student ID as it is needed to participate. 


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