President Trump speaks in El Paso, the nation watched as Trump discussed border issues

February 12, 2019


At approximately 6:21 P.M. Air Force One landed in the El Paso, TX. On that plane was our President of the United States, Donald Trump. 


Not only did he attend but Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Texas Senator Ted Cruz also came to El Paso, TX. 


Even though there has been some controversy about what the president has said about El Paso TX, there are many of the supporters who agree that he should “Finish the wall,” but there we were also protestors that didn’t want the president here at all.




There were still people who might have had some idea why he was coming to El Paso in the first place, “Trump will come here to El Paso to talk border wall, immigration, and some of the policies that he has about that, and may talk about some of the misinformation that was made in the State of Union Address because several different groups have done the fact check and many of us have, some of the information he had given out about our community was not accurate.” Says EPCC Professor Sue N. Pratt.  



President Donald Trump spoke at the El Paso Convention Center Feb. 11.


“The wall was not the reason the crime in El Paso went down, it was our police who have kept it safe. Trump is using the city as his backdrop for his border wall agenda,” says El Paso Mayor Dee Margo. But after Ted Cruz spoke for the president he mentioned a little bit about immigration and said 


“It is time to build the wall. We need to stop human traffickers, stop drug traffickers, and build that wall!” And all 10,000 El Pasoans at the El Paso County Coliseum cheered in agreement. 


But also mentioned how Texas allows immigrants into the country as long as they come over legally and follow the rules just as his father did. “In Texas, we welcome LEGAL immigrants, my father came over not knowing a word of English but he came to Texas legally and raised his family in the American dream.”


Donald Jr also spoke for his father and made a few bad comments about the march going on right next door at the Chalio Acosta Sports Center. Beto O’Rourke was also holding a march, “March for truth,” this is where he talked about being against the wall and how El Paso is a city of immigrants. 


But Donald Jr. made sure that O’Rourke got no good news Monday night. “There are only 200 people over there, they aren’t doing very well, not really making a difference. He doesn’t even know what the three branches of government are.”  

Donald Trump Jr. explained how politicians have safety for themselves when it comes to fences or walls, “You see politicians hiding behind armed walls, so why can’t we have that to protect our people.” 


There were about 7,000 people still outside watching from big screens while trump talks about jobs and manufacturing and how unemployment is lower now when it comes to African Americans, Mexican Americans, and Asian Americans.

 He also says women have filled 60% of the new jobs in the upcoming year. 


Trump also said how he eliminated Obama care mandate and also passed the “Right to try” bill which allows terminally ill patients access to drugs that can only be found in other countries, Trump says those drugs are also in the states, “Why can’t we allow them to use them, let them use our drugs.”


Trump made sure that his last point was made for Border security and asked El Paso if he was right about what he had said in State of Union speech, “There are people saying that the wall didn’t make the city safe, but I say it did, Am I right El Paso?” The 10,000 supporters cheered in agreement. 


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