EPCC blood drive gets underway, donate blood at any EPCC campus this Spring semester

February 12, 2019


The blood drives at El Paso Community College are starting up again this semester. Each campus will have their own scheduled times for each of the following campuses: Rio Grande, Valle Verde, Mission, Northwest, Transmountain and the Administrative Services Center. 


Throughout the blood drive, they hope to break their previous years’ donation amount of 2,629 blood donors and continue to be the region’s No. 1 blood drive. 


The blood drive is also stating that they are in urgent need for all types of blood, but specifically for Type-O blood. 


However, the people who do not have Type-O blood should not hesitate to donate. All blood types are encouraged to go and donate at their respective El Paso Community College  campus. 



In fact, Yvonne Solis, a United Blood Services representative states that each pint of blood can actually save approximately three lives and it only takes approximately 40 minutes of your day. 


The blood donated will be transferred over to local hospitals that need the donations to help patients. 

Kevin Parra, Administrative Office Assistant at Valle Verde, says that he is worried about donating blood because of pain and side effects it could have.


Luckily, Dr. James Stroud, another main contributor of the blood drive, reassured everyone that it does not hurt and the dizziness or other side effects that you may experience will last for 24-48 hours. 


On another note, Solis stated that there are benefits of donating blood, for example, a reduced risk of certain diseases such as, cancer and hemochromatosis. Donating blood can also improve cardiovascular health and reducing obesity. Not to mention donors will be able to learn about their cholesterol level, earn a donor card with their blood type and a free snack.  


There are different prerequisites to take into consideration for a male and female if planning to donate blood. 

A female that is under 23-years-old will have to be evaluated for their weight and height, if 23-years-old or over, then only the weight will be examined.


As for males, they must be 16 years or older and weigh at least 110 pounds and everyone will need to show their ID. 

Still, if there are any concerns or questions about the blood drive they should be directed to your doctor or staff members of the blood drive. 


Early College students that are 16 and over are eligible to donate blood, but with a parent’s permission form and meeting the requirements above. As of February 5, the donation rates have been slow and the staff members of the blood drive are encouraging everyone that can to donate blood.


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