Bumblebee leaves a sting at the Box Office

February 12, 2019



Depending on one’s knowledge about Transformers, the majority of people know Bumblebee is basically Optimus Prime’s sidekick, They go together like white on rice.


Whether it’s fighting Starscream and the rest of the Decepticons or simply doing a mission, he always looks for ways to help out Optimus and save Cybertron. But his story is a bit of a sad one.





"Bumblebee", starring Hailee Steinfeld as "Charlie Watson" has made over $125 mllion  since its initial release on December 21, 2018.



For example, not being able to speak anymore has taken a toll on his communication skills not just with any Transformer but with the human race as well. 


The film stars numerous actors and actresses but three stand out. The first one is none other than actress and musician Hailee Steinfeld, who portrays the main protagonist Charlie Watson that became friends with Bumblebee.


Current WWE wrestler and recurring actor John Cena also stars in the film, portraying military agent, Agent Jack Burns, an agent from secret government Group 7. Lastly, actress Gracie Dzienny is in the film and portrays Charlies’ antagonist. The classmate who constantly picks on her.


The total budget cost $135 million to make and the duration is 1 hour and 54 minutes. The graphics were decent but the story was well written. However, the biggest, non-movie related question was towards the end of the film.


That question was simply why the fire alarms went off around the very last scene. For anybody that goes to a movie theater occasionally or all the time knows that the fire alarms never go off. We had to exit through the fire exit. Aside from that, I give this film 4 out of 5 stars.


If you’re looking to go see the film in theaters, go as quickly as possible because the film may leave theaters later this month as it premiered roughly around Christmas time on December 21st, 2018.


Movies that do really well in theaters tend to stay for roughly two months due to large amounts of people attracted to a certain film. Bohemian Rhapsodyis a perfect example of a movie that stayed in the theaters for around two months (it came out on DVD January 22nd). Bumblebee is playing in theaters around El Paso so just look at theaters near you to find showtimes. Enjoy it while it last. 



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