Ways to make the season bright

December 4, 2018


It’s that time of year where the days begin to get colder and people don’t have much to keep themselves warm. 

Some people tend to forget how there are others, our neighbors who don’t always get a warm meal or even a warm home. 


We forget that there are children and elders in our community who may be homeless and cold because the weather is dropping in temperature.  


There are so many things we can offer this holiday season, instead of thinking about ourselves why don’t we give back.

Let’s give to those who need it more than we do let’s ask Santa to grant the wishes of every boy and girl and elder out there. 


December is the month that many have trouble dealing with, with the holidays coming around sometimes it may either lead to depression because of the lack of money to provide for a family or missing a loved one who they wish they were with for the holidays. 


Sometimes it ends in suicide because many seem hopeless and feel they have nothing to offer. 

There are things we can do to help, we can offer our condolences and we can offer prayer but what better would that do? 


Instead lets help those in need, let’s help those feel less lonely around the holidays. It will not only make them feel joyful that someone cares but It will also make you feel warm in your heart, when you give and give without asking for anything in return good things tend to come around when they are supposed to. 


There are children who wish they had toys for Christmas and there are times where they have parents who can’t afford them or don’t have parents at all. Go to the children’s home and ask what you could do to make those children smile on Christmas day. Dress up as Santa Claus and yell “HO HO HO” at the children’s hospital.


There are elders who live in homes where family’s had put them because they were a “burden,” this month go to the home and ask what you can do to volunteer to show the elders that they have family in you.


During December go tell a friend that you love them, go visit your grandma more often, go to a shelter and give them all the food they need. There might be a time where you wish someone would give you a dollar or even a piece of bread, give back to those who need it the most.


One of these days there is going to be someone who remembers all the good that you had brought into this world and how much good you took out of it. Be the one who make a difference in someone’s world this month and the holidays coming up,. When you care someone will feel less depression, the sense of hopelessness turns into faith, and the suicidal thoughts disappear. 


There are not just people who live in your community, they are your neighbors, friends, and even family. 

Don’t forget that there is so much love in us and there is enough to go around. The best things in life come to those who deserve it the most. 


When you see that there is something to do, dont be afraid to get up and do what you know is best  even it means giving your all just to make those around you happy, even it means getting nothing in return. Someone one day will do the same for you, which will change your life forever. 


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