This is our year, the year of the women

November 13, 2018






We have finally risen sisters! 98 years ago, women were granted the right to vote also known as the 19th amendment we have used this right on Nov.6th and our voices were heard! We are finally able to say that we run the world because we have made history. 


 A record of 35 NEW WOMEN have won seats beating the previous high set in 1992, according to the election results as of 9 a.m. Eastern on Nov.10th. Not only that but most of these women are kicking those men who once sat in their seats to the curb! 


We are here and we are here to stay.These women have joined 66 female incumbents who were re-elected to the house. 

The new members are mostly democrat and yes they are the ones that helped their party win the house. 


These women have showed us that no matter what women go through every day we are superheroes and can basically do anything. 


Because of these women we are allowed to have a strong voice without anyone telling us to shut our mouths and giving us their two sense to where a women’s place is.  


“Women aren’t allowed to have opinions,” well we have an opinion and you are going to sit down and hear it. 

There was a point back when Hilary was running for president and there were people who said that she couldn’t run because she was a women, and only men can have such a high position. 


Well look where that got us, trump is by far the worst president America has ever seen and has no political background and is as dumber as a man can get. As little girls we imagine being the model, the actress, and the dancer. 


Everything that this world wanted us to be but those times have changed. Now little girls want to be scientists, doctors, lawyers, teachers, congresswomen, and president of the United States. 


This is why we fight for our right every day because we know how important it is for these little girls to continue to keep their dreams alive.


These little girls will know that when they go to college they are going to be able to be who they want to be because the women elected into the house are making it possible for our younger generation to be anything and everything.  


It is important for these young girls to see Ilhan Omar as one of the first Muslim-American congresswomen, or Sharice Davids as one of the first two Native American congresswomen in Kansas who is openly gay, or Veronica Escobar who is one of the first two Hispanic congresswomen of Texas, or Ayanna Pressly who is the first black congresswomen from Massachusetts, and finally being able to know that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York who happens to be 29 is the YOUNGEST WOMEN elected into congress. 


Even I as a women is grateful to know that our America has so much faith that women could make this world a better place because we can. 


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