Suspiria is sure to take your breath away

November 13, 2018


Completely disturbing, unsettling, horrific, and traumatizing, Luca Guadagnino’s take on the classic Suspiria film originally directed by Dario Argento is an absolute must-see.


Guadagnino’s remake managed to maintain a classic-esque vibe with its fuzzy, almost taste-less colors and distant camera shots.



The colors and shots however, in no way take away from the effect and its breath-taking scenes.


The movie is based in Germany at a dance company led by Madame Blanc (Tilda Swinton) and her fellow witches who are desperate to save their leader. Their job is to find a young girl as a channel to do so and it is up to Blanc to ensure she is prepared to do so. 



Dakota Johnson stars as "Susie Bannion" in horror/mystery film "Suspiria", directed by Luca Guadagnino 


Along comes Susie Bannon (Dakota Johnson) from Ohio and gives them the weapon to do just that… or so they think.

Susie is almost immediately put to the test and performs a solo where every one of her moves causes the twisting, breaking, distortion, and mangling of a dance student, Olga (Elena Fokina) who was attempting to flee from the academy’s grasp. 


Olga’s mutilation creates the most unforgettable scene (if one has enough guts to keep their eyes on the screen the entire time) and leaves the rest of the movie open to all kinds of horrific possibilities.


Despite its horror, one cannot deny the haunting beauty in every move and breathe the dancers take and excitingly wait for the next one. With the brilliance of every dance, it is nearly impossible to ignore the soundtrack created by Radiohead’s Thom Yorke that goes along with it. 


The movie’s intentions would not be fully realized without Yorke’s chilling vocals featuring sound bites from the film itself.

Similarly, Yorke’s album hardly carries the same weight without Guadagnino’s vision.


Every interaction, conversation, movement, and stare is meaningful and the less one pays attention, the more difficult it is to follow.Viewers are left questioning when Susie realized her significance, who she turned into, as well as the importance of the Dr. Josef Klemperer (also played by Swinton).


The holes in the movie create a brain-wrecking experience but its mystery and horror make it worthwhile for any suitable audience.


The film draws parallels to movies such as Inception where viewers are left wanting to watch Suspiria over and over again to gain further insight on all aspects of the movie.Brilliant, terrifying, and absolutely outstanding, the film breaks standards of modern horror, giving it a rate of 4.5/5.


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