America will never be great again

November 6, 2018


Once again trump has wrongly portrayed that the caravan people coming here to America for a better life are all criminals. 


This Sunday during our usually aired football game, there was a paid ad by trump that talked about why we should vote republican. 


Here is what the video was about: The caravan are all apparently “criminals”, there was an illegal immigrant who had murdered two cops, and how democrats were the ones that allowed him to cross into our borders to kill two cops. 


First of all there is no way democrats or anyone has the power to allow someone to come illegally to our borders especially to kill. 


This was an illegal immigrant who was bad from the start. Now I am not justifying his actions but what I am saying is that not all immigrants that want to come to our country are bad.


There are many reasons why these people want to come here. This week, border patrol allowed El Paso’s KFOX come for a ride along. 


What they showed is a teenage girl around 13 years old turn herself in to the patrol and told them that she had crossed the border because she was escaping the gangs trying to put her into prostitution. 


There was a lady who was carry her baby about 3 who might have had chicken pox, she told the news cast before she turned herself in that she was escaping poverty to give her child a better life than what she could’ve given her while still in her country. 


She explained how she would do any work such as cleaning, cooking, etc. As long as she was showing her daughter what hard work would give them. There is already so much that is wrong with this world and we just make it worse by seeing the bad in everyone. 


You want to make America great again but here we are. It is already a scary world out there and all we need it some love and support to make this country the country it used to be. 


I am sorry but there are people who deserve the same chance we have. Why is it okay for us to have rights but no one else can? 


People like to say “I don’t want those immigrants coming to my country taking my jobs, HealthCare, food.” If they are taking your job it’s probably because they can do it better. 


We have all these rights because we were born in America and were given those great privileges. Let’s put ourselves in their shoes and imagine a week living their lives. The only thing great about this country is that we have freedom.


 I am not complaining because I love this country dearly, but I love it so much because we allow others to come in and make themselves better. We are one giant Melting Pot filled with so much diversity and culture. 


This is what makes us great, this is what we should continue doing to make America great again.  We are ONE NATION UNDER GOD.


But we can’t continue like this because even in the 21st century there is so much hate, racism, and war that is happening between humans that we are so blind to see a way to stop it all. Let the caravan in, let them grow homes, let them work hard for their dreams, allow them to become citizens of this great country. 

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