The spookiest way to spend Halloween

October 30, 2018


First, I just want to say, is it just me or October really was just a blink of an eye, just like all the previous months of 2018.

 I am personally an October baby so naturally October becomes my favorite month of the year and all fall festivities are just such a fun time! 


This past weekend was actually my birthday and it was a blast! I think birthdays are a huge reminder of how blessed you are and to cherish every single loved one around you. 


Anyways, happy Halloween guys! I really hope everyone reading this issue is dressed up all cute and festive because this society really needs to see people their age dressed up in costume. 


I think dressing up is such a fun idea and really lets people be creative with their costume.I also think it helps loosen up people emotions and kind of forget about the real world and responsibility. 


When I was about 8 to 10 years old, I had dressed up as super girl.I was probably obsessed with Super Man at the time but wanted to wear a much cuter option so Super Girl did it for me that year.


So Imagine this little brown girl with a pink skirt and a pink top with a huge S on her chest all excited to go trick or treating.

 Like many years, Halloween had landed on a weekday.This meant that I had been to a full day at school full of fun activities and work. 


After getting home and waiting for my oldest sister to come home from work to eventually take me out trick or treating.

 I was found that she took way too long to come home and I probably had a long day at school.


My mom came home to a super girl laid out on her couch stretched out to the fullest and deeply in her sleep. 

That was me. 


I had fallen asleep waiting for my sister to get home.I woke up to my family laughing hysterically because I had woken up from my after school night nearly at bedtime on Halloween night. 


And that my friends, was the saddest day of my life. But I will say, I learned my lesson and won’t let it happen again. 


My ideal Halloween day would be dressing up for school or work, getting candies in class for showing up and extra credit for dressing up.


After school and work, I would drive home and try to make my costume even scarier if I can. Then I would gather all my friends at my house and eat some pizzas, sodas, and candies. 


Then I would want all of us to go to multiple haunted houses and rate them from scariest to not scary at all. After going all over town jumping from haunted house to another, my friends and I would probably be pretty tired by now and it’ll probably be late .


I would either like to go pick up some late night food and just hang out with friends. Maybe give trick or treating a shot to see if anyone is even still giving out candy.


If all else fails, my go-to friend group plan is hanging out at home with blankets and scary movies. It’s always fun to host friends at home with some snacks like candy and popcorn, maybe even more pizza, and just watching scary movies while laughing at your friends every time there’s scary pop ups.


Usually by this time, it’s really late and most of us have 9 a.m. classes and should probably go to bed soon. That is an example of the perfect Halloween day for me.


However, with all the ugly things happening around the world, I am way too scared to physically go out at night on Halloween night.


I will probably dress up for work and go home, change to cozy and festive attire, and watch movies with my boyfriend while making spooky cookies and maybe hand out some candy.


Which still in a way, is my ideal Halloween night in a big city. One last thing I would like to say is please be safe out there. Be cautious of your surroundings and have a fun night!


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