You're never too old for Halloween

October 23, 2018


With Halloween coming up in exactly a week, I wanted to get two big topics across this campus and off my chest because I feel like it needs to be heard so enjoy. 


This might be an unpopular opinion but Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year. 


The months of October, November and December are the best time of the year to be cozy and loving with friends, family, and significant others. 


I think this time of the year is full of spooky adventures, love, and happiness. With Halloween just around the corner, the number one question people ask around is, “How old is ‘too old’ to go trick or treating or to dress up?” 


The answer to that is simply NEVER. I believe that trick or treating and dressing up is a fun time for all ages. 

There is no age limit to be able to participate in both of those activities. 


The act of trick or treating started out in North America back in the 1920s.It first started out in the western half of the continent and eventually got spread all over the United States. 


From my childhood and from what I remember, the number of kids that go out and trick or treat has gone down throughout the years. 


This is sad to see because Halloween used to be all about streets being filled with kids in the cutest and craziest costumes screaming at the top of their lungs from all the scary houses. 


Now with all the ugly things happening in the world, it is almost too scary to go out with your friends or even kids. 

Also, around this time of the year, all candy goes up in price and they bring out big bags of all the good stuff.

 Adults are mainly the ones buying it all to give out to kids and have fun with it. 


However, I don’t see anything wrong with older people going out in their cute costumes to collect some sugar for the week. 


I think a lot of people in the ages between 15 and 20 years old, which are teenagers for the most part, are way too shy or ashamed to dress up for Halloween. 


I think they are most ashamed to dress up for school because they think they will be made fun of or be seen as the weird student. 


However, I don’t see why dressing up and being festive would make them weird or anything of that sort. 

I think if anything, people that don’t dress up are boring. 


I will say the majority of females are quick to find something cute and easy to wear to all those Halloween parties and for that, I give you credit.


 I just wish that same amount of girls would be willing to dress up for school and go out and trick or treat after school and be festive rather than being the “hot girl in college.”


As for guys, I think Halloween is the perfect time to either match with girlfriends, best friends, or family.I think it’s such a fun bonding time with people to create costumes and actually wear them around with your group of guy or girlfriends. 

There’s so many cute and scary costumes that guys can be and still look cool for school and parties.


Something about guys dressing up is heartwarming, even if they just at least try with a spooky shirt and some festive socks.


But anyways, I hope this was a small reminder that no matter your age, you should try to dress up and lift the spirit of Halloween this year. 


I really hope to see more of you dressing up next week. Remember you are never too old! And be safe!


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