The Hate U Give tells unforgettable story

October 23, 2018

"The Hate U Give", based on the New York Times bestseller by Angie Thomas is an unforgettable story.  


The movie follows a young girl named Starr Carter played by Amandla Stenburg as she navigates her way through her home life and school life.


She lives in a predominately poor black community, and goes to school at a rich, mostly white prep school.




"The Hate U Give" , based on Angie Thomas' 2017  New York Times bestseller

novel, made $7,602,108 domestically during the film's opening weekend.




Her world seems to come crashing down when her best friend Khalil get fatally shot by a police officer. Feeling the pressure from her community she is forced to find her voice and stand up for what’s right.


"The Hate U Give" hits some serious problems we are facing in society, problems such as racial profiling and police brutality. 


A sensitive subject that has been all over everything recently. 


Owen Gleiberman writes “It’s dispiriting, if more true than not, to keep hearing that the two sides of America have no more overlap, that we’re at fundamental odds, plugged into different news streams, different cultural-ideological values, different realities. 


And a pivotal way this degrades our discourse is that neither side feels like it has the luxury to look for shades of gray.”


“The Hate U Give” is a powerful, relevant, earnest and sometimes absolutely heartbreaking instant time capsule — a fictional but wholly authentic slice of American life in the 2010s. Says Richard Roeber of the Chicago Sun Times.

Director George Tilman Jr. really puts his actors to work in this film. 


Tilman understands the severity of this film and the impact it has on our current society. 


Making sure that this movie was able to reach its full potential and making sure that it was able to have the most impact possible was a major factor of directing this movie. 


He has the ability to give his audience a good sense of what living in predominantly black communities is like.

Tilman is also able to make us feel the emotions and the terrors of living in those types of communities today.


Rotten Tomatoes scores “The Hate U Give” a 96% which makes it the highest scoring movie in Theatres right now. 

Honestly this movie deserves it. 


The acting and directing really make this movie worth watching.I give everyone involved in the making of this movie props. 


The fact that they were able to release a movie about such a sensitive topic and do it successfully wins my vote. 

I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars. 


I hope that in the future people are able to see movies like this one and reflect on the world around them.

 "The Hate U Give"  is a movie that I would definitely recommend everyone go watch.

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