Dr. Dweck's Mindset: just what the doctor ordered

October 23, 2018

The self-help category of books is not short of publications. 


Everyone from doctors of psychology to business people and military veterans have made contributions to the self-help world of books.


 I am no stranger to either of the contributing types, however I tend to find the science-based contributors more influential and resourceful. 


In the book Mindset by Dr. Carol Dweck she uses scientific methods to answer questions about how people view the world through their own mindset. 




Stratford University psychologist Dr. Carol Dweck put decades of research

into her self-help book "Mindset", originally published in 2006.



Dr. Dweck asserts that a mindset is groomed and fashioned at childhood from out parents, friends, coaches, and teachers. 


Which I happen to agree strongly with because these are the people that we spend majority of our time with at a young age. 


Therefore, our beliefs and values are generated by the people that we look up to for answers in our new world. 

A child needs other people to help make sense of and define how we move forward in life. 


However, this mindset that we are groomed with in the early part of our lives is not a fixed mindset says Dweck. 

In fact, Dr. Dweck says that it is this fixed mindset that causes us much grief and failure throughout a lifetime. 

Her alternative to this fixed way of thinking is called a growth mindset. 


A growth mindset is, “believing people can develop their abilities” says Dr. Dweck. A popular idea was that intellect was something exclusive to certain people. 


This is dispelled in the Mindset through a number of studies that were done to show that intellect can be developed when the proper mindset is used, as well as a number of other variables to accommodate an effective learning experience. 

Nonetheless, growth and development are not beyond anyone who is biologically fit to learn. 


Mindset goes on to claim that this growth mindset and the belief that you can develop whatever ability you desire can be applied to several things to include business, sports, and family life. 


Belief in your ability to grow alone is not the cure all. A great deal of effort, feedback, and struggle are necessary to exhibit the growth mindset and reap the benefits of pursuing your desires. 


Which this may be the case to why we fall short of goals at times: its just not as simple as we may think. 


This may also be the case why the self-help category is a billion-dollar industry and expected to continue to grow over the next 3 years. 


Mindset does not fall short of delivery. I find a book more believable when it can present tested methods for personal growth and not just catchy words that are social media worthy.


This was an easy read and the examples used in the book are common to everyday life. In my experience with self-help books, Mindset by Dr. Carol Dweck is above the rest. 


But, because this book didn’t mention anything about neuroplasticity it gets a 4 out of 5 star rating from me. 

This book has even prompted me to take a hiatus from the self-help category all together. 


In fact, I will be rereading this book and writing my own analysis of the ideas presented in it. This book is just what the doctor ordered.  


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