The ugly truth behind social media

October 16, 2018


The use of social media has blown up in the past couple of years.


Everywhere you go, there is at least one person in the room on their phone scrolling through their Instagram, tweeting about the car that cut them off on their way to school or skipping a story on Snapchat. 


Lately, social media has become this huge marketing platform for businesses and even individuals, who are now known as social media influencers. 


Social media is probably the best marketing source for most businesses because it’s a place where marketers can be very creative and get feedback on their marketing quickly.


 I think this way of marketing is a great idea because really almost everyone has a phone and are constantly on it scrolling before, during, or after school or work. 


With that being said, marketing becomes easier for business to attract the audience since they’re already on their screens getting some entertainment. 


For some people, like myself, shopping can be a form of entertainment and sometimes, we can’t help it. 

 Social media for me is the time I get to rewind from real life. 


This is when I get to look at other people’s life and be entertained by people’s outfits to get inspiration for mine or see what my favorite influencers are up to. 


However, that isn’t the case for some people. I asked some of my friends how they felt about social media. 

Some said it was fun, some said getting likes was such a confidence boost. A few of my friends said that social media is their enemy at times. 


The media behind the screen can be ugly, especially when you compare yourself to those perfect, skinny, tan, blue-eyed, well-dressed models that seem to have it all together. 


I think a lot of the times, people can’t help but compare themselves to what their screens show such as nice makeup, expensive clothes, adventurous friendships, traveling nonstop, etc. 


But I think it’s best to remember that most individuals with a social media account only want to post the positive things happening to them.


 I like to think of social media as a place of highlights for my life. And I think it’s that way for a lot of people. I have seen a few that actually are fed up with how structured the media is and came out about how imperfect they are. 


There’s something I do need to give some credit to social media and that is how much awareness it has brought about mental health.


Shows initially started to bring this awareness but the audience after watching the shows, people continued to bring people the educations with their own stories about the topic. 


With shows such as “13 Reasons Why,” mental health has been a topic not as taboo as before.I think people have been doing a great job on opening up about it and bringing awareness to others that are not educated on mental health and what it’s like to not be mentally healthy. 


I give so much credit to those people that are open about it, share their experiences, and how they dealt with it. 


I think that can help people that are currently going through some sort of mental illness and are looking for help without actually getting it. 


To wrap this all up, have fun with social media.  Express yourself as much as you can, try to not compare yourself to anybody else because of the obvious.


 They’re a whole different body with different goals and a different mind.Do you and enjoy yourself the most you can. 

Smile because you’re you.  


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