Make Kanye 2006 again

October 16, 2018


Kanye oh Kayne what have you got yourself into now.I don’t know about you guys, but I felt embarrassed that on national television, Kanye West was at the white house. 


That’s not even the most embarrassing part, it’s embarrassing that he was even speaking about how much of a good guy Donald Trump is. 


There are more important things that need to be dealt with, and our most adored president is doing nothing about it. 

Instead he sat in his oval office talking about how much Kanye was his friend. 


This whole televised meeting was such a joke, there was no way that any of us understood what Kanye West was talking about. There is nothing useful that came out of his mouth. 


Did they speak about anything important? No, Kanye was helping trump get higher and higher on his pedestal talking about “if the president looks good, we look good,” Give me a break! Our president makes himself look like a clown, just put him in a clown suit and call it a day. 


Donald Trump was using Kanye, plain out using him because he thought it would make him look better with African Americans, wrong! 


Kanye literally had a mental breakdown ON NATIONAL TELEVISION! There was no professionalism while in the oval office, Kanye was cussing and being so rude and our president did nothing about it! 


There are many things that need to be on the news and it isn’t how Kanye west completely ruined his reputation. Kanye I am deeply sorry that you feel you must make a fool of yourself because you believe you are invisible. 


Do you need a hug?  But at this moment you are not what we should be worrying about, there is devastation happening all over this country, there are people who don’t have homes because a hurricane has hit them, there are kids who don’t have food or hot water because hurricane Michael took it from them.


We don’t need to hear about how our president needs the most fly things, the most fly jets, no one cares. Go help a victim in need, go give a job to a person that needs one to support their family. 


Kanye please go back to 2006 when you were just a musician because politics is not your thing, Politics is not something that should be made into a mockery it is something we all need to take seriously but no one will do that if we continue to make jokes out of ourselves. 


Mr. President if you wouldn’t mind bringing people who could make a difference in our country to have an actual meeting in the oval office that would be great. 


Not just that but we need to take into consideration that our president took all these cameras into the oval office for a meeting that interrupted our regular televised shows just for a meeting that was absolutely useless. 

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