A Star is Born is a force to be reckoned with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga shine in the classic's remake

October 16, 2018

Perhaps nobody knows more about directing a film than the stars themselves. It was evident through John Krasinski’s "A Quiet Place" and it is evident in Bradley Cooper’s take on "A Star Is Born".


The movie premiered Oct. 5 and has made nearly $60 million worldwide since then.Cooper’s version is one of three that have been released since the original 1937 version directed by William A. Wellman. 




A Star Is Born" the 2018 remake of the 1937 classic, and Bradley Cooper's

directorial debut has made nearly $60 million since its release on Oct. 5.



Yet, the four-time Oscar nominee and Lady Gaga managed to make it their own.The movie opens with never-before-heard Cooper vocals portrayed through his character Jackson Maine, an artist in his prime haunted by the demons in his past and alcohol and drug addictions in his present.


As Jackson looks for the nearest place to get a drink, he stumbles upon a bar hosting a drag night where Lady Gaga’s “Ally” character delivers a stunning French performance of "La Vie En Rose", mesmerizing Jackson and everyone else in the audience. 


From then on, the duo is inseparable and Jackson helps introduce Ally to stardom with their performance of ‘Shallow’ at one of his concerts. 


Cooper described the music as a character in the movie at the International Toronto Film Festival.The lyrics, “I’m off the deep end, watch as I dive in,” represents her entrance into fame and a completely new life.


Jackson and Ally are a combination to root for through every success and heartbreak while admittedly being in denial of their inevitable demise.


Perhaps the most distinct aspect of the film is its ability to portray two modern-day artists at the height of their music career as nothing more than human beings struggling with love and life's expectations.


But more importantly, this film contains a human and realistic portrayal of Jackson who is in a constant battle with substance addiction and Ally who remains by his side through it all.


Possibly one of the most heartfelt scenes is when Jackson apologizes to Ally in tears for the pain he has caused her and Ally responds with, “It’s not your fault. It’s a disease.” 


A connection that is often overlooked by those who view substance abuse as a lifestyle choice.

Gaga’s character portrays someone not far from the person she is – strong, silly, and charismatic, qualities often separated from her abstract outfits and eccentric music videos. 


Her charisma sweeps not only Jackson Maine but anyone who watches off their feet. Her vocals brings chills down your spine and their duet in songs such as Shallow and Music to My Eyes, exemplifies the spark Jackson and Ally share. Heartbreaking but ultimately gorgeous, I rate this movie a 5 out of 5 stars. 


Cooper directed a force to be reckoned with for next year’s Academy Awards and what is arguably the best movie of the year.


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