Cutting off games is ridiculous

October 9, 2018


Have you ever watched a Sunday football game on FOX until the end and they sometimes give you bonus coverage of another game afterwards? 


I’m pretty sure all of us football fans have experienced that at some point. Now let’s say the game is getting REALLY good and it’s 4th down with the game on the line with five seconds left. 


One team is up by one point or a few points and the other team is at the one yard line looking to take the lead. 

All of a sudden, they go back to the studio and one of FOX NFL Sunday’s analysts Curt Menefee says “Due to NFL rules, we have to proceed to our scheduled programming” or something similar to that.


You simultaneously throw a tiny fit but also realize they have to follow the guidelines given. In all honesty though, this is a ridiculous rule that should have never been conceived and I’m here to tell you why. 


For example, MLB Network never cuts off an early game that seeps into a late game, they always have the early game televised until the last pitch of the ninth inning and then proceed to the late game. ESPN follows the same rules and even broadcasts the late games on ESPN2 if necessary. 


So why can’t the NFL follow these same rules and standards? Is the NFL THAT much more structured or are they getting ahead of themselves with all these non-stop rule changes?


 I mean, the NFL is already in hot water as it is with the body weight rule. Just ask Dolphins defensive end, who tore his ACL while sacking Raiders quarterback Derek Carr two weeks ago in Miami.


The situations where the NFL cut games off this season to proceed to their regular scheduled programming has happened twice so far this year. 


The first time happened when bonus coverage of the Saints-Falcons game in Week 3 was televised here in El Paso after the Eagles defeated the Colts. 


The game was in overtime and the Saints were driving down the field. As they got towards the red zone, the game had to be cut due to the Cowboys and Seahawks game right at 2:25 p.m. (America’s Game of the Week). 


The Saints ended up winning the game 43-37, an extremely high scoring affair. The second time a bonus coverage game was cut off was just this past Sunday after the Cowboys defeated the Lions 26-24 on a field goal with roughly seconds left on the clock. 


When you look at the bigger picture, sooner or later the NFL could lose viewers because of this rule, especially if the games bonus coverage is really good.


 It should be a decision of “should we televise this game with little time for viewers to watch?” or “we won’t deliver bonus coverage of this game and only show “America’s Game of the Week.” People have said it’s a stupid rule and they certainly have the right to feel that way.


The NFL has softened up so much not just on the field but off of it too. I do agree and root for more safety on the field, but off the field is a whole different story. 


If the NFL wants to keep having continuous success, they need to quit changing the rules and also quit making new ones. If everything backfires on the NFL, it’ll be a lesson learned for them all. 

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