White Boy Rick speaks volumes on drugs and violence

October 2, 2018

Based on real life events of Rick Wersche Jr., Michigan’s only inmate that served a part of a life sentence labeled as nonviolent, White Boy Rick takes you inside the lives of a family who are gun and drug dealers. 


Matthew McConaughey, Richie Merritt, and Bel Powley,  star in this movie, each playing a role of the Wershe family.


McConaughey plays the father Rick Wershe Sr., Richie Merritt plays Rick Wersche Jr. and British actress Bel Powley plays the sister and daughter Dawn Wersche.




(L-R) Rory Cochrane, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Richie Merritt and Matthew McConaughey star in "White Boy Rick", which made  $8,860,431 its opening weekend. 



With the film set in rundown Detroit during the 1980s, viewers get a clear idea of what life in the projects of a metropolitan city is like which has shootings, drug deals, gun sales, and other multiple forms of crime.


 It also takes place when the crack epidemic was at its highest. The whole film itself is based on the struggles of not just the Wersche family but regular families that live on violent streets in dangerous neighborhoods where crimes happen just about every day of the year.


Directed by French director Yann Demange, who is also known for 2014 film ‘71, nailed White Boy Rick.He mastered every event that happened in real life using the best form of chronological order which is what makes any film great aside from the plot. 


Demange deserves lots of credit for the way this film turned out. This is a flick to watch if you’re into drama, mystery, and crime related films. 


Another perk that White Boy Rick has is the use of famous ‘80s hits and upbeat, DJ type of music that involve record scratching and even the urge to dance.


The budget of the film was set $29 million which is low compared to movies such as Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, etc. but even the small budget movies pack a big punch. The total duration of White Boy Rick is One hour and 56 minutes. 


One thing to be prepared for is how the film will tend to play with your emotions from time to time as there are some heart grabbing scenes that’ll make you laugh or frown a little bit. Here are my final notes, the movie’s MPAA rating and things to look out for as well as my official review.


Rotten Tomatoes currently has the film at 58% which isn’t great, but not horrible either. As I’ve mentioned in a few of my previous reviews, don’t always go by someone else’s or some other website’s rating because forming your own opinion can top anybody else’s. 


As usual, the audience was great who were into the movie themselves. Keep in mind that if you plan to take your kids that are under 17 to go see the film, do not take them at all. 


White Boy Rick is rated R for extreme drug use, extreme cursing, sexual references and partial nudity. This is not a movie for children whatsoever so please be advised and prepared before you plan on taking any kids. 

My official rating for this movie is 5 stars out of 5 stars because it deserves it. 


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